Cassandra Prestininzi, Speech-Language Pathologist

Cassandra Prestininzi

Speech-Language Pathologist

353 W BROAD ST DYER TN, 38330


Dr. Cassandra Prestininzi is a speech language pathologist practicing in DYER, TN. Dr. Prestininzi specializes in speech, language and swallowing disorders in patients. As a speech language pathologist, Dr. Prestininzi evaluates, diagnoses and treats patients with communication and swallowing troubles. These conditions may be due to developmental delay, brain injury, hearing loss, autism, stroke or other diseases and injuries. Dr. Prestininzi helps patients make sounds and improve their voices through various methods. Speech language pathologists also work with patients to strengthen muscles used to speak and swallow, and work with individuals and families to help cope with their conditions.

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353 W BROAD ST -
DYER, TN 38330
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New patients: 731-571-3240

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