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Mr. Samuel Norman Gross MS.RD.LD, Dietitian-Nutritionist
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Samuel Gross, MS, RD, LD, is a dietician who diagnoses and treats patients at Nutrition Now LLC in Hugo, CO. Furthermore, he has staff memberships at Hugo Hospital in Hugo, CO. Sam has an impressive professional journey that spans twenty-six years and his areas of expertise cover individualized nutritional counseling, long-term care consulting, wellness programs, and public speaking on nutritional topics. Prior to his current endeavors, he has enjoyed an exceptional military career and has received multiple military awards and medals. Throughout his many years of experience, he has upheld a steadfast commitment to the ethical and professional standards of his practice, as evidenced by his sterling record, and ensures an impeccable degree of patient satisfaction in all facets of his work.

Education and Training

Fort Hays State University Bachelor of Science 1991

University of Nebraska Master of Science 0

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Professional Memberships

  • Western Kansas Dietetic Association  
  • The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the US  
  • American Dietetic Association  

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Media Releases

Get to know Nutritionist and Dietitian Samuel Gross, who serves the population of Kansas.

Samuel currently practices as a Dietitian with Nutrition Now LLC where he holds an expertise in nutrition. He has a background in the Military, and has received multiple Military Awards. To stay up to date in his field Samuel remains a professional member of the  American Dietetic Association, The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the US, and the Western Kansas Dietetic Association.

Samuel graduated from the University of Nebraska - Kearney with a bachelors in Dietetics. Furthering his education he then graduated from the University of Nebraska- Kearney with a Master in Health Education/Health Promotion. He also attained additional certification as a Registered Dietitian. After obtaining his degrees he completed his dietetic internship with  Mississippi State University. Samuel holds experience as a Nutritionist and Dietitian for nearly two decades.

In this fast-paced, fast food world we live in, nutritionists play a vital role in keeping the population healthy. With their guidance and expertise, individuals and groups learn to improve their eating habits and instill healthy behaviors into everyday life. Nutritionists are needed across all areas of the health care industry, from hospitals to home health agencies, but their role is integral at food manufacturers, cafeterias and gyms.

Samuel attributes his professional success to his great mentors and support he has had in the dietetic field, military and personal life. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and farming.

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