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Dr. Kim Peirano, DACM, L.Ac. is the Owner and Acupuncturist behind Lion's Heart.  Kim is a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine graduate from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and a Master’s of Science graduate from the Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, CA, and a California State Board Licensed Acupuncturist. Kim has been practicing acupuncture in San Francisco and the East Bay Area since December 2010 and relocated her practice to San Rafael in September 2017.

Kim's areas of expertise and specialties include cosmetic acupuncture, acupuncture for spiritual growth and navigating major life changes, pain management, stress management, women's health & fertility, and neurology & paralysis treatment.   

In addition to her training as an Acupuncturist, Kim is a Deeksha Oneness Blessing Giver, and an advanced level student at the Foundation for Spiritual Development. Within these spiritual avenues she devotes her time and service to helping others clear paths for their personal spiritual awakening. Kim works on her own personal growth through meditation, prayer and healing, often working within the quantum field, with non-conditional spirit guides and Oneness. She utilizes her intuitive connection to help guide her treatment strategies and ​diagnosis with each patient, by accessing the subtle natures of the Qi (energy) in the body she is able to provide unique, individual treatments and insights to every session.

Education and Training

Acupuncture and Integrative Me MSOM 2010

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Kim Peirano
Kim Peirano's Expert Contributions
  • 7 Herbs and Supplements for Your Most Radiant Skin

    Beautiful skin has always been envied; blemish-free, invisible pores, and a smooth complexion free of wrinkles. A multi-billion dollar industry was built from this. I always remind my patients that beauty starts on the inside, and this is true of our spirit and heart as well as the health of our...

  • These 6 Acupressure Points Can Help Cramps

    Women today do everything, from CEO to Mom of the Year, best friend, nurse, and astronaut. For many women, once a month (give or take) menstrual cramps are the less than desirable icing on the cake. Having dull, achy pain that can go from a mild annoyance to debilitating has been felt by most women...

  • 5 Ways Acupuncture Improves Athletic Performance

    Acupuncture is a very useful tool for treating conditions involving pain; from sports injury to arthritis to headaches and everywhere in between. Beyond pain, can acupuncture actually improve sports performance? Whether you’re an avid gym-goer, amateur athlete, or professional athlete, acupuncture...

  • Acupuncture Effectively Treats Overactive Bladder without Surgery, Medication or Side Effects

    I hear it often from my patients: ‘sometimes I pee a little when I laugh,’ ‘I wouldn’t dare try to do jumping jacks or it would be a mess,’ and ‘I just know that I have to use the bathroom before I leave to go anywhere or I might pee my pants.’ Overactive bladder, leakage, and...

  • 5 Ways Acupuncture Improves Athletic Performance

    Original Post on Lion's Heart Wellness Blog"Acupuncture is an incredibly useful tool to treat conditions involving pain; from sports injury to arthritis to headaches and everywhere in between, but beyond pain, can acupuncture actually help to improve sports performance?  Whether you’re a novice...

  • Does acupuncture work for anti-aging?

    Hi! I am going to assume this question is in regard to cosmetic anti-aging? I am a specialist and educator in Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture <> and happy to help. Acupuncture works for anti-aging, or more accurately - to improve the appearance and reduce signs of aging, like wrinkles, dullness and lack of vibrance in the face and body; in a variety of ways. I call this the 4 Pillars of Holistic Anti-Aging Skincare. #1: It helps stimulate Fibroblasts in the Connective Tissue: This action is what triggers the production of collagen and elastin. By needling the skin the body experiences a 'micro' trauma, and the reply to that is the activation of fibroblasts to repair the 'damage' which is done with elastin, collagen and other substances which are also the components of youthful looking skin. In this respect we can 'spot treat' certain wrinkles to direct this function which helps soften and decrease the appearance of wrinkles. #2: It stimulates and relaxes muscles in the face: We have a lot of muscles in the face and as we age they contribute to undesirable features in 2 ways: by being too contracted or being too relaxed. Too much contraction creates wrinkles, and these muscles need to be relaxed, this is what Botox does, but acupuncture has a real strong point in relaxing muscles, this is also why it helps relieve pain in the body so well. Muscles that are too relaxed become this way with age, we lose muscle mass and tone and this contributes to sagging appearance, like droopy eyelids or under the chin skin. Acupuncture can help trigger the relaxed muscles to re-engage thus lifting the skin with it. #3: It doesn't cause harm: Acupuncture is a minimally invasive treatment that really can't be 'overdone' there is no risk in looking weird after a cosmetic acupuncture session, and the treatment itself doesn't damage the skin. Some treatments that are done medically, like laser resurfacing, IPL and chemical peels actually damage the skin over time - doing so breaks down the connectivity in the skin layers and will cause crepey wrinkles later on, acupuncture and needling in general do not pose this risk #4: It treat the Whole Person: This is the most important piece, because what's happening in our body-mind-spirit shows up on our face. If digestion, sleep, stress, pain, underlying disease are at play, we won't see good results no matter what we do - but acupuncture helps to simultaneously treat these underlying causes of poor skin health and appearance. By treating the whole person we also integrate the spirit into the body - in Chinese medicine this is a crucial component of beauty because our spirit shows up through the eyes. An acupuncture treatment has also been shown to shift brainwave patterns which contributes to increased telomere lifespan - telomeres are responsible for cell integrity and death - when they break down the cell dies. This function on telomeres also contributes to general anti-aging and cognitive awareness and is why acupuncture can be a helpful treatment in stroke rehab and dementia. Hope that helps! Dr Kim Peirano, DACM LAc <> READ MORE

  • Is this normal after acupuncture?

    Hello! Thanks for this question as it comes up a lot in practice. After receiving acupuncture patients may feel a variety of different sensations and feelings, from feeling energized to very drained/fatigue and what you mention as feeling like you've taken a muscle relaxer, some may liken it to feeling like they drank alcohol or smoked cannabis. This reaction is completely normal and it tends to be more significant and noticeable with a person's first few treatments then is less significant. This feeling is due to the dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins that the body releases during treatments, also the balancing of the energetic properties of the body, mind and spirit contribute to this feeling. As always, it's best to listen to your body and take it easy if need be (if you're able), and plan for a little recovery window if you notice this happens frequently for you. Drink plenty of water and enjoy the decrease in pain! Dr. Kim Peirano, DACM LAc READ MORE

  • How long does it take for acupuncture to work for anxiety?

    Hello, The length of time it takes acupuncture to work for a patient for any ailment will be dependent on a number of variables. Since every person is different, has different constitutions and imbalances it's very hard to give a rough estimate on the time it will take to work. In general, if something has only been going on for a short amount of time (under 3 months) it may respond more quickly than something more chronic, if a patient is in relatively good health - no major illnesses, traumas, good diet, sleep and digestion working pretty well, this person may respond more quickly. As for anxiety, stress, depression and other mental health and emotional concerns, acupuncture will usually provide some relief immediately, but how long this relief may last will be dependent on factors above. Some patients may find the 24 hours after a session are great, then symptoms return, and after a few weekly sessions they may start to see a longer period where they hold the results of the treatment. Some may find the anxiety still remains but sleep improves a lot - which will eventually help the patient experience less anxiety. It's extremely variable from person to person. Overall, acupuncture will help your body experience alpha - theta brainwaves states, when we are thinking/concentrating/stressed we are in a beta state which doesn't allow the body to rejuvenate and replenish itself. Anxiety and stress can extend the time we are in this state and this can create a snowball type effect when it comes to symptoms. Experiencing the alpha-theta state during a treatment helps put your body back on track to be more capable of regulating itself and also giving you a break from anxiety, overthinking and stressors. A good expectation for treatment is to commit to 6+ weekly treatments, evaluate at the beginning the severity and frequency of symptoms then re-evaluate at the end of the 6 weeks. Changes can take some time, or may be subtle at first, but measured over time we find patients have a positive experience and relief with sessions. And of course, there is no substitution for using acupuncture in conjunction with other treatment methods like therapy, exercise and nutrition. READ MORE

  • What are the side effects of acupuncture?

    Side effects of acupuncture are rare and minimal, occurring roughly 2% of the time and can include bruising at needle sites, soreness after needling and fainting are the most common. More serious side effects are extremely rare and are more likely to occur with a non-licensed Acupuncturist or person performing dry needling who is not a licensed Acupuncturist. Compared with prescription drugs acupuncture has significantly fewer and less severe side effects. Positive side effects are quite common and include improved sleep, improved digestion, regulated menstrual cycles, decrease in PMS symptoms, and many others. Good luck in your healing journey Dr. Kim Peirano, DACM LAc READ MORE

  • Is acupuncture a safe treatment for chronic pain?

    Yes, acupuncture is actually one of the safest treatments for pain that is available. Adverse events with acupuncture occur at a rate of about 2%, the most common events include bruising at needle sites and fatigue or fainting after treatments, more severe adverse events are very rare. Most chronic pain medications have much higher rates of side effects and adverse events which often lead patients to discontinue treatment. A recent study found acupuncture to be more effective at pain relief than injected morphine, and of course without the side effects. It is a very safe and effective remedy for chronic pain. Here's a link to that study: READ MORE

  • Does acupuncture hurt the first time?

    As an acupuncturist, I'm asked this question a lot, and I prefer to be honest about it. Of course it will hurt, but how much it hurts can be variable from nothing at all or very minimal feeling to occasionally more pain. Pain experienced during acupuncture will depend on the patient's disposition towards pain - some people are simply more sensitive than others, and factors like not being hydrated, having too much caffeine, or being ready to start your menstrual cycle can all increase sensitivity. Another big factor is the practitioner, every person is very very different in regard to needling technique, some may have a stronger approach while others are more gentle. Just let your acupuncturist know you're nervous about pain and ask them to take a more gentle approach. Each treatment will also feel different from the time before, one time some points may hurt a bit while the next time no pain, so whether it's your first time or 100th time there's no way we can predict how it will feel. Another thing to keep in mind for some peace of mind is that 30 acupuncture needles can fit into the hole in a needle you would have your blood drawn with! They're about twice the thickness of a strand of hair, and pain is usually quite minimal to non-existent. Sometimes receiving acupuncture can be more likely to feel strange or weird than painful, but in the end it's very likely to help you with your pain. READ MORE

  • How does acupuncture help relieve allergy symptoms?

    Acupuncture works in a multitude of ways to help people with seasonal and environmental allergies. -We look at the overall picture and health of a patient to determine what unique pattern / cause is resulting in you experiencing allergies in order to address it. -Acupuncture helps improve the digestive system, which is one of the biggest sources of our immune system - faulty digestion = many issues, including allergies, so by improving the digestive system and protecting the tissues we can address the root cause of allergies. -Acupuncture also helps protect the liver and helps it to be more efficient and work effectively, this can also include improving the quality of bile in the liver / gall bladder system. The Liver is responsible for processing histamines (histamines are what make us feel allergy symptoms), so by benefitting the liver we improve its function and help allergies. -Acupuncture also helps boost the adrenal system and lessen the effects of stress on the body. Simply put, a stressed body (which is almost everyone in the modern age) isn't going to be working as well as it should, so supporting that system can help our body naturally process allergens without the symptoms. -Acupuncture also helps benefit the sinuses and nasal passages which are of course directly related to allergy symptoms, we can help relieve congestion and sometimes decrease sneezing, mucous etc. -Acupuncturists are also trained herbalist (depending where you're located) and there are plenty of herbal formulas and supplements that can also help allergies. Overall, acupuncture helps treat allergies by treating the underlying physical weaknesses or dysfunctions that contribute to our bodies poorly processing histamines. The sooner you get treatments (like before allergy season starts) the more effective the treatments will be, because it does take some time to get the body to make changes in that way. READ MORE

  • How often does acupuncture cause bacterial infections?

    Bacterial infection due to acupuncture needling is very rare, especially in the US where re-usable needles are forbidden. Acupuncturists are trained in clean needle technique and use only disposable one time use needles to minimize infection risk as much as possible. There are a few studies quantifying adverse events from acupuncture and the results are extremely low, most events being fainting after sessions or dizziness. Having an open wound isn't a contraindication for treatment, but the area should be avoided. If you are an immunocompromised patient it would be advisable to wait for treatment to take all precautions necessary, but in a healthy individual risk of infection is still extremely low. READ MORE

  • How long do the effects of acupuncture last?

    For a condition like arthritis which is chronic, effects of acupuncture will be very variable depending on the specific patient's health and underlying constitution. Some may find relief for hours, others up to a week, and treatments need to be continued to keep relief going. Acupuncture tends to be a cumulative process, meaning one treatment may last 5 days but a subsequent treatment may last 7 and so on. Committing to a treatment plan of at least 6 weekly treatments and then re-assessing how things are going after those 6 weeks is a good course of action so that you can see how progress has been made (or not). With chronic conditions, and conditions like repetitive stress injury - where we are always using that part of our body (like the hands), getting 100% relief is unlikely without subsequent and diligent treatment, but with acupuncture being just as effective and without the side effects of pain mediations, for many it's a really great option. READ MORE

  • Which is better for back pain: acupuncturist or chiropractor?

    Both! But it might depend on WHY your back is hurting. In many cases it's a combination of misalignment of structure (bones) and muscle / soft tissue involvement. The combination of chiro AND acupuncture together is a powerhouse for treatments! The chiropractor can help realign the spine and the acupuncture will help treat soft tissue - like muscle tension and nerve pain. In many cases acupuncture alone can help with back pain - especially if it's muscular or nerve related, but if there's a structural issue the chiropractor putting that into place is crucial. READ MORE

  • Does acupuncture hurt?

    The answer is yes, but that pain is relative and it will vary from day to day and practitioner to practitioner. Some acupuncturists may use thicker needles and a more aggressive needling style which can be more painful, and others are more gentle. But no matter how gentle we are, sometimes you will feel some pain. The pain is usually minimal, although other odd sensations like tingling, aching or electricity feelings come up, but it's all part of moving energy and getting things to regulate again. I also think that remembering that the needles don't inject or take anything out of the body is comforting, and 20 acupuncture needles can fit in the hole of a needle used to draw blood! Overall it's a very relaxing process with minimal pain. READ MORE

  • Do you need a diagnosis to get acupuncture?

    No you don't need a diagnosis to receive acupuncture. If you have an HMO insurance plan that covers acupuncture you may need a referral, but to pay out of pocket or to use a PPO plan you don't need a referral or a diagnosis. The acupuncturist will do a thorough intake and evaluation and give you a diagnosis based on Chinese or Japanese Medicine principles and treat you from that theory, so a western medical diagnosis is unnecessary. READ MORE

  • Is acupuncture safe during the first trimester?

    Yes absolutely, please make sure to tell your acupuncturist that you're pregnant so that they can adjust a treatment and herbs as necessary. Acupuncture is safe throughout an entire pregnancy and can be used for morning sickness, to turn a breech baby and to induce labor, among many other issues that come up during / before and after pregnancy. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

AcupunctureBell's PalsySpiritual GrowthEndurance AthletesAthletic PerformanceSports MedicineCosmetic AcupunctureFacial AcupunctureSpiritualityTrauma / PTSD


  • Best Holistic Practitioner 2018 Pacific Sun Best of Marin 
  • Best Acupuncture 2016 Bay Area A List 

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