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Kevin Rynn


3405 Midway Road Suite 420 Plano Texas, 75093


We provide the best teeth whitening results and best customer experience by utilizing the highest quality award wining equipment and individualized processes tailored specifically to your teeth to achieve amazing results for you no matter what staining you have. We actively monitor and adjust the temperature and humidity to reduce environmental factors so you can achieve the best results every time. We filter the air quality down to an incredible .003 microns using IQAir's HyperHEPA® filtration system. For your comfort we have Earthlite brand of chairs for the teeth whitening and a Roku TV to provide access to Netflix and other streaming media outlets. Free WIFI and phone recharging is available too. We are here to provide you with maximum results with the maximum comfort. We guarantee that we will whiten your teeth to your satisfaction and provide the best experience that you've ever had or the service is free.

Kevin Rynn receives thorough and continual teeth whitening training from our teeth whitening equipment manufacturer and supplier Beyond Dental and Health and supplier Red Carpet Smiles. Kevin Rynn's focus is to achieve perfect results for you and make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your results and your visit and encourages your feedback to make sure your teeth whitening is tailored specifically to you.

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Kevin Rynn
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  • Can you use hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth?

    Hi, yes hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient in most at home and in-office whitening products such as whitening strips, whitening trays, whitening mouthwash, a select few whitening toothpastes and in-office whitening gel placed directly on teeth. Here is a comparison chart on the following link of several whitening brands that I have listed on my website. READ MORE

  • How often should I have my teeth whitened?

    Great question. I am not a dentist, I just do teeth whitening only so the best answer I like to say is that it is best to defer your question to your dentist to check in regards to your specific situation but generally stains shouldn't build up very quickly so doing in-office teeth whitening shouldn't be needed more than once a year or less. Doing teeth whitening too often can cause sensitivity on your teeth or gums if the gums if they aren't protected during the whitening process depending on the whitening method and strength of the gel. In-office teeth whitening may not even be needed if you are getting the results that you are looking for by using whitening toothpaste and whitening mouthwash or by simply avoiding foods and liquids that may be causing the staining. The ADA has a brochure that can provide you with additional information regarding teeth whitening. I have a link to it and also one from Crest that you may find helpful. Let me know if I can be of additional help. READ MORE

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Perfect Ten Smile is always researching the best methods and techniques for teeth whitening to achieve maximum results and minimize any sensitivity and customizes each whitening session to each individual's needs.

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3405 Midway Road Suite 420 -
Plano, Texas 75093
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