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Ryan Christopher Averett, DC, MS, Sports Medicine Specialist (Pediatric)

Ryan Christopher Averett, DC, MS

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Dr. Ryan Averett is a Sports Chiropractic Physician practicing in American Fork, UT. Dr. Averett specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating conditions associated with the neuromusculoskeletal system, while improving each patients functionality and quality of life. Conditions treated include sciatica, back pain, neck pain, and arthritis pain, among many others. Dr. Averett seeks to reduce pain and discomfort through manipulation, adjustment, and  functional rehabilitation of the spine and extremities. 

Education and Training

University of Western States Doctor of Chiropractic 2018

Provo College AAS: Massage Technology 2007

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National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

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Male English, Spanish
Ryan Christopher Averett, DC, MS
Ryan Christopher Averett, DC, MS's Expert Contributions
  • Which shoulder is higher in scoliosis?

    That depends on the type of scoliosis, but generally speaking the higher shoulder will lie on the side of convexity of the scoliotic curve. It also depends if the scoliosis is a one-curve or two-curve scoliosis. To ensure you are daignosed correctly, you want to see a competent physician that can write an order for an X-ray or CT to further diagnose the type of scoliosis you have. READ MORE

  • What problems can scoliosis cause?

    Scoliosis can cause a wide-variety of degenerative arthritic problems, aka degenerative joint diesase, because the instantaneous axis of rotation has been shifted biomechanically in the spinal segement. What this means is that the part of the vertebra through which the load-bearing force rotates axially has shifted from its normal position, so it puts forces on the three joints of each spinal segment differently than they were designed to handle. More often than not, facet syndrome, is one of the most common problems that accompanies scoliosis. Facet syndrome is a condition where the synovial joints, or joints with synovial fluid in them, are injured due to the abnormal or aberrant force placed on them, and eventually it breaks down the cartilage and causing osteoarthritis, or what most people would just call arthritis. I would get into a competent Chiropractic Orthopedist, or Spinal Specialist to assess the any secondary problems with your spine. That way you can stay on top of it, before too much degeneration sets in. READ MORE

  • What is the best exercise for shoulder pain?

    Typically night pain, signifies shoulder impingement problems that could be from a rotator cuff injury or sprain of the rotator cuff capsule, most commonly. Once cleared, by a sports physician or sports chiropractic physician. Exercise can acually do more harm than good, if the right conditions of injury exist. READ MORE

  • What is the fastest way to fix forward head posture?

    The fastest way to fix forward head posture is to strengthen the deep neck flexors of the neck. The best way to strengthen them is by doing chin retraction exercises, at first without resistance, then once that becomes too easy then use a light resistance (<15 lbs.) resistance band. You can also perform Bruegger's Relief Position, to overall help with Anterior Head Carriage, aka forward head posture. If you do these options, and that doesn't fix the problem, I would suggest you get into a Sports Chiropractic Physician or Physical Therapist and they will be able to help guide you with a more in-depth approach to fixing your postural issue. READ MORE

  • Should you let a chiropractor crack your neck?

    To best answer this, let's gain some perspective on the statistics of having your neck adjusted. The medical research evidence states that having your neck adjusted is 40,000 times safer than taking a common antibiotic, statistically speaking. A chiropractic adjustment of your neck, when properly performed is one of the safest medical procedures that you can have performed, under the right conditions as long as you don't have any red flag symptoms that should prevent you from being adjusted. A good chiropractic physician will be able to determine if it is safe for you to be adjusted or not. As a secondary note, the extensive medial research on this topic has shown there is no correlation between having a stroke, via vertebral artery dissection, and having your neck adjusted. Hope this helps! READ MORE

  • How long does it take to realign a sprained ankle?

    When you have an ankle sprain, it is almost never too early to be adjusted. I have personally adjusted athletes right after they have sprained their ankle, right on the field during the middle of the game, as I went out to assess the downed player. Typically, 1-5 adjustments is sufficient, however, proper rehabilitation is also needed to ensure that the functional deficits are also resolved so that you don't develop a condition that can affect your ankle for decades to come, which is called chronic inversion ankle syndrome. A specialized sports chiropractic physician is going to be needed to properly assess your ankle and help you make decisions from there. To your recovery, cheers! READ MORE

  • Is it good to crack your back?

    It truly depends on how you are attempting to "crack your back". If you are are using high velocity twisting it can actually cause damage to your intervertebral discs and the supporting ligaments of the facet joints of the spine. I would recommend that if you need help that you see your local chiropractic physician to help out. READ MORE

  • Can being out of alignment cause knee pain?

    Yes alignment issues can cause knee pain, and even greater functional myofascial deficits that relate to the kinetic chain, thin of all the joints being links in a chain of your leg can cause knee pain. It is also the primary cause for knee degenerative changes and osteoarthritis as people get into their 50's and 60's. READ MORE

  • How do I know if my knee is out of alignment?

    If you stand in front of a mirror and look at the overall angle of the legs side-by-side and you can visually see that the suspect knee has a differing angle to it, then there my be alignment issues. The best way is to actually do squats in front a mirror and look at your knees when they are bending, if one knee trails off compared to the other then there is a problem. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor fix dizziness?

    Yes, in fact adjustments are a type of neuromodulation therapy that can help to appropriate the neuromuscular component of dizziness. There are also many other therapies we use to help with the most common type of dizziness which is called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). READ MORE

  • Can your neck being out of place cause dizziness?

    Yes your neck being "out-of-place" is often due to joint dysfunctions that occur as you induce movement through the spine. These joint dysfunctions play a role in the neuromodulatory function of nerve sensors located within the neck and upper neck that can cause dizziness. Thorough clinical evaluation is needed to determine the exact cause, and rule out any of the many other types of dizziness problems. READ MORE

  • Can chiropractic neck adjustments cause dizziness?

    Due to the large number of neurosensors in the neck and especially the upper neck soft-tissue, being adjusted can cause some slight dizziness. If the dizziness is severe or persistent after an adjustment it is not normal, and may need to be evaluated for potential vertigo problems or other problems. Adjustments should be discontinued until cleared by a specialist, if it is severe or persistent. READ MORE

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