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Tsai Chao

Physiatrist (Physical Medicine) | Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

39 East 20th Street 1st FL. New York NY, 10003


Dr. Tsai Chao is a physiatrist practicing in New York, NY. Dr. Chao is a medical doctor specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. As a physiatrist, Dr. Chao focuses on a patients ability to function, and can treat multiple conditions that affect the brain, nerves, spine, bones, muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. Dr. Chao can diagnose and treat pain that is a result of injury, disease or a disabling condition. Physiatrists often lead a team of physical therapists, occupational therapists and physicians in a patients treatment or prevention plan.

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Tsai Chao
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  • How long does physical therapy take after a stroke?

    Physical therapy is a part of the rehabilitation program after a stroke and include a comprehensive treatment plan including therapeutic modalities, active and passive range of motion exercises, gentle stretching, sitting and standing balance, ambulation training, etc. depending on the patient clinical condition. The length of treatment is individualized based on the team evaluation and planning led by an experienced physiatrist. READ MORE

  • How long does physical therapy take for shoulder pain?

    There are conditions that may require physical therapy. Shoulder impingement syndrome, osteoarthritis, tendinitis/bursitis, frozen shoulder, or post-surgical status, just to list a few. They could be in different stage and severity. Pain, limited range of motion, and functional impairments are all what need to be treated. Generally speaking, in cases of subacute or chronic cases, shoulder pain is associated with range of motion limitations. In other words, the more limitation in range of motion, the more severe shoulder pain. Therefore, the length of time per session and the duration of physical therapy are based on the individual condition and not fixed. For example, when we are treating someone with frozen shoulder, low tension sustained stretching in all direction of motion following deep heat modality would take longer than an hour while treating acute rotator cuff strain, much shorter the duration. READ MORE

  • Can physical therapy relieve the inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis?

    During inflammatory attacks of rheumatoid arthritis, joint structure damage is the essential concern. Anti-inflammatory medication treatment using saw-tooth strategy is most important. Physical therapy for joint protection and modalities such as paraffin dips may help to ease pain and inflammation. Aggressive range of motion exercises shoulder be avoided and reserved to the stage after the inflammation is subsided. READ MORE

  • What is the best therapy after a stroke?

    Hello, A course of comprehensive outpatient stroke rehab program consisting of physical therapy and acupuncture treatment at a frequency of two times per week with an emphasis on vigorous passive range of motion exercise to limbs, such as upper limbs, hands, and legs with ADL and ambulation training. and requested a Brainstem Auditory Evocated Potential study. The “ gold treating period” right after the stroke is most important to the patient which should directly result in the prognoses or complications of the stroke. READ MORE

  • When should I see a doctor about tailbone pain?

    Hello, acute tailbone pain has over 80% chance to cure by applying coccygeal manipulation. I advise you to see PMR ASAP. READ MORE

  • Should I keep walking with knee pain?

    No, you don't need to keep walking with your knee pain as we have different ways to cure your knee conditions. READ MORE

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