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Dr. Brett E. Gilbert graduated from the University of Maryland Dental School in 2001 and completed his postgraduate training in Endodontics from the University of Maryland Dental School in 2003.  He is currently a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Endodontics at the University of Illinois-Chicago, College of Dentistry and on staff at Presence Resurrection Medical Center in Chicago.  He is a past-president of the Illinois Association of Endodontists.  Dr. Gilbert is board certified, a Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics.  He was named a top ten young dental educator in America by the Seattle Study Club in 2017.  In 2019 he was named to Academic Keys Who’s Who in Dentistry Higher Education (WWDHE).   In 2019, he founded an endodontic specialty program at the Chicago Dental Society Foundation Clinic to provide free endodontic services to those in need.  Dr. Gilbert lectures nationally and internationally on clinical endodontics.  Dr. Gilbert has a full-time private practice limited to Endodontics in Niles, Illinois.

Education and Training

University of Maryland DDS 2001

University of Maryland Certificate in Endodontics 2003

Board Certification

American Board of Endodontics

Provider Details

Male English
Dr. Brett Evan Gilbert D.D.S.
Dr. Brett Evan Gilbert D.D.S.'s Expert Contributions
  • Endodontic Engagement: The GP and Endodontist Can Achieve More As a Team

    Endodontic Engagement: The GP and Endodontist Can Achieve More As a Team Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S.Diplomate, American Board of EndodonticsThe Pulse:To truly feel the current pulse in dentistry, you must listen to what other dentists are thinking and saying. Online message boards are a great place to...

  • Can a root cavity be filled?

    It depends on the depth, location and condition of your mouth overall. Please visit a dentist to be evaluated. Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • How do you clean your mouth after a root canal?

    There are no special issues cleaning after a root canal. Normal brushing and flossing will do it. READ MORE

  • Why do you rinse with salt water after a root canal?

    This is not a typical recommendation. Salt water rinsing can be helpful if you have a sore or other soft tissue irritation, but this is not going to be a remedy for post operative symptoms related to a root canal procedure. Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • How do I know if my tooth abscess is spreading?

    You would need to see your dentist to get imaging and an exam to understand what is going on. Best not to wait! Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • How should you recover from a root canal?

    There is not too much to it! You may be sore for a few days and your doctor should be able to give you an idea of what symptoms to expect. Overall, it should recover quickly and you will get right back to normal! Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • Do you have pain after a root canal?

    It really depends on the condition of your tooth prior to the procedure. Normally, any symptoms are mild after treatment. Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • How can I fix receding gums naturally?

    You usually cannot fix them unless you have a soft tissue grafting procedure to place new tissue where it is missing. Good oral hygiene can prevent further loss. Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • Why are root canals so painful?

    Root canals are not painful, but the conditions that require one are. Many times, patients remember the pain they had with their tooth, but actually it was the root canal procedure that solved it. I would recommend moving forward with your procedure with the expectation that you will have a great experience. I would recommend you see an endodontist vs. a general dentist for this procedure. We are specialists for this procedure and can make sure it is a good experience for you. Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • My gums hurt after my root canal?

    This could be totally normal. If you have concerns, you should return to your dentist to re-evaluate. READ MORE

  • Do I need a root canal?

    You will need to be evaluated by a dentist to determine if treatment is needed. Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • How many dental filling materials exist?

    There is ample information online regarding dental filling materials. I would recommend doing a google search or going to www.ada.org as another resource. Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • Why do my gums feel inflamed after a root canal?

    This may be normal, but you should return to your dentist for follow up to assure that this is normal. Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • How long does a dental filling take?

    Every filling will be different depending on the tooth and its condition to begin with. Bring headphones and just relax until it's finished! Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • What are the treatment options for a tooth cyst?

    You should consult with an oral surgeon. Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • Would I need a root canal for my cavity?

    You would need to be examined to determine what treatment you would need. READ MORE

  • How long does a root canal take?

    You would need to ask your doctor as every procedure is different and the assessment of the tooth would determine the amount of time needed. Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • How long after a root canal can I eat?

    You can eat after the local anesthetic wears off. Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • Should I get a second opinion about having a root canal?

    If you are unsure or untrusting of the recommendation of your dentist, then a second opinion is always a good idea. However, I would advise you to seek this opinion from an endodontist, a root canal specialist. You can do a google search to learn about one that is in your area. Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • How should I deal with the pain of a root canal?

    Post-operative pain from root canal treatment can usually be controlled with over-the-counter pain relievers. Your dentist or endodontist should be able to properly recommend the proper regimen to help you after your procedure. Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • Do I need a root canal if there's no pain?

    Yes, there are many indications for root canal treatment that have absolutely no pain. READ MORE

  • Pain and bad taste in mouth. Why isn't it going away?

    I would suggest returning to a dentist for a re-evaluation of this tooth. My recommendation would be to schedule a consultation with an endodontist (a root canal specialist) to assure the best possible advice on the next steps to address your tooth. Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • How many visits does a root canal take?

    The number of visits would depend on which tooth is being treated, its condition, and if a root canal specialist is doing it for you. READ MORE

  • Can an x-ray show if you need a root canal?

    In some cases, an X-ray is critical to diagnosing if a root canal is needed. In other cases, the X-ray is not as essential in making the diagnosis. I would suggest following up with your dentist to get the images that are needed for them to make a diagnosis for your tooth which will determine the treatment options that are recommended. Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • Can a tooth hurt after a root canal?

    It is normal to have discomfort to touch or bite for many days even more than a week or so after root canal treatment. If it persists longer, please return to your dentist to evaluate. Sometimes the bite on the tooth is too high and it creates more pressure than the tooth can tolerate. This can typically be resolved easily if this is the case. Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • How should I prepare for my root canal?

    No preparation is needed!! Eating beforehand is a good idea b/c you will be numb after. And bring headphones if you want to relax with your own tunes! Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • Why do I need a root canal?

    The treatment planning that determines if you need a root canal goes beyond the presence of symptoms. Based on the clinical and radiographic exam, your dentist must feel that you have disease within the inside tissue (dental pulp) requiring that tissue to be removed which is what a root canal procedure does. Dentists do not recommend root canal treatment unless it is necessary so I would recommend proceeding with the treatment. If you question the recommendation then I always would suggest getting a second opinion from another dentist to see if the treatment plan is consistent with both dentists. Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • Does tooth pain mean I have a cavity?

    You should absolutely be examined by your dentist! Tooth pain is certainly a strong warning sign that something is happening with your tooth. Unfortunately, decay or cavities are not always visible to the eye and that is where X-rays can be taken to identify if there are any changes to your tooth. Good luck and get in to your dentist right away as the symptoms can become much worse very quickly! Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • Does a root canal hurt?

    Root canal treatment is comfortable! Local anesthetic is used and allows the procedure to be completed in comfort. However, if you feel anything during the procedure, just let your doctor know and they can supplement the anesthesia even after you are underway. Don't worry! It will all go smoothly and your tooth will return to health! Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • Will I experience any pain after the root canal?

    After a root canal procedure, there can be tenderness to touch or bite on the tooth for several days to a week. This is typically mild and depends. READ MORE

  • The tooth where I need a root canal isn't bothering me. Why do I need it?

    It is very common to need root canal treatment even if you have absolutely no symptoms. Typically, an infected tooth will be asymptomatic, not hurting at all, but a big event of swelling or pain can pop up at any time. Radiographs or X-rays often will give your dentist clear evidence of disease even if your tooth is not hurting. Go for it, get the root canal and save yourself much trouble later! Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • Is tooth sensitivity a sign of decay?

    Tooth sensitivity, especially to temperatures, can have many possibilities as far as what is causing it. Tooth decay is definitely one of the potential causes. If these teeth are upper teeth, sinus pressure can also increase sensitivity. Recession of the gum tissue is another possible cause along with several other possible causes. The only way to determine the source of your sensitivity is to make an appointment with a dentist to evaluate the area. Please don't delay in doing this as you can minimize the damage and severity of the problem by addressing it at your dentist appointment ASAP. Best wishes, Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • Does an anesthesia injection in the mouth cause pain?

    Please don't worry about the injections used for dental treatment. Techniques today allow for comfortable anesthesia that will allow a comfortable procedure. Most dentists are highly trained in giving local anesthetic in the mouth. The thought of it is much worse than the reality! Good luck on your root canal procedure! Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • How to fix cracks in the teeth?

    Small, visible cracks can be considered crazy lines and are more on the surface of the tooth. They don’t necessarily mean the entire tooth is cracked. Over time, they can become stained and could lead to a problem. If the cracks are deeper, a full coverage crown or veneer could be an option. Please consult with a dentist to evaluate your specific condition. READ MORE

  • I let a cavity go way too far, and it's causing a lot of pain. What should I do?

    You can try over-the-counter pain relievers unless your physician has informed you not to take them. Otherwise, try to get in to see your dentist sooner as an emergency. The fate of your tooth will depend on how severely it is decayed and if there is enough tooth structure to rebuild it. My advice is to inform the dentist that you are in pain and need to be seen as an emergency. Good luck! Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • How successful is an apicoectomy?

    Apicoectomy has a good prognosis. The reason is that at the end of a root of a tooth the anatomy is very complex with lots of little mini canals and hiding spaces for bacteria. If a root canal treatment and maybe even a re-root canal treatment (called retreatment) do not work an apicoectomy may be the answer to save your tooth. The simple description is that the tip of the root (with all of its complexities) is removed and a little filling is placed in the end of the root. This removes all of the bacteria in the hiding places that are not accessible from regular (non-surgical) root canal treatment allowing the tissues and bone around the remaining root structure to heal right up! READ MORE

  • Can a tooth affected by cavities be saved?

    Teeth that have cavities or decay can be saved if enough good tooth structure remains. The depth of the decay and the location of it would dictate the prognosis or prediction of how it will fare over time. Many times, a root canal and crown are needed and with these treatments your tooth can be as good as new! This is judged on a case by case basis. If there is not enough good tooth structure left then extraction is a better option as the prognosis long term is not favorable. READ MORE

  • What are the signs of a failed root canal?

    Typically tenderness to touch on a tooth that has had a root canal is an early sign of an issue. Also, the presence of a swelling or a white head pimple on your gum tissue may be a sign that a root canal treated tooth is not healthy. READ MORE

  • Is my tooth infection spreading?

    In truth, infections do not spread from one tooth to another. However, sometimes you can get referred pain from a tooth that spreads to other areas. The brain has a harder time discriminating where pain is coming from when a nerve is agitated and painful. A dental exam can reveal the true source of the pain. A referral to an endodontist (a root canal specialist) is advised to assure that a proper diagnosis is attained. Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • Can a root canal have prolonged recovery?

    Typically, after six months, your tooth should be feeling good. If not, I would recommend returning to the dentist who treated the tooth or scheduling a consultation with an endodontist, a root canal specialist. Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • What can be the risks involved in an endodontic surgery?

    Many of the answers regarding endodontic surgery can be found on the AAE website. Here is the link: https://www.aae.org/patients/root-canal-treatment/endodontic-treatment-options/endodontic-surgery/ Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • What does endodontic retreatment involve?

    This involves redoing the original root canal in an effort to clean again or potentially revise the previous treatment. The original root canal filling materials will be removed and the inside of the tooth will be disinfected. The root canals are then re-filled. Retreatment can be very effective in getting the tooth back to health. READ MORE

  • One of my front teeth just chipped. How will this be fixed?

    You would want to see your general dentist as it may be as simple as smoothing the area or potentially doing a restoration to replace the missing tooth structure. READ MORE

  • I have a cracked tooth. Does this expose me to an infection?

    If your tooth is cracked, it can expose the tissue inside, resulting in pain, inflammation, and potentially infection. You should have the tooth evaluated by a dentist as soon as possible. Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • Is a root canal treatment permanent?

    Root canal treatment can be permanent if the tooth stays healthy. The issues that can arise are related to the fact that a tooth that gets root canal treatment is still vulnerable to decay, periodontal disease, injury, wear or breakdown over time. After root canal treatment is completed, a proper restoration is necessary to protect the inside of the tooth. It is also critically important for a patient to take great care of their teeth with excellent oral hygiene to prevent some of the issues that can arise. If a root canal treated tooth is taken care of and kept healthy, it can last for the rest of a patient's life. Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S. READ MORE

  • How often should I get my teeth cleaned from a dentist?

    Every patient has different needs in regards to how often you should have dental hygiene visits. In general, patients with healthy teeth who perform good oral hygiene care at home will see their dental hygienist twice a year. READ MORE

  • Endodontists and root canals?

    Your dentist may be proficient in doing root canals but depending on the tooth anatomy or the extent of disease in the tooth they may opt to refer you to a specialist to assure that your tooth is treated to the highest level of clinical expertise. Your dentist makes a case selection decision on each case as to whether it should be treated in their office or be referred to a specialist. The referral to an Endodontist shows that your dentist is conscientious and wants to be sure that you have the best possible outcome for your root canal! READ MORE

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • Assistant Clinical Professor University of Illinois Chicago 2004 - Present


  • Top 10 Young Dental Educator 2017 Seattle Study Club 

Professional Memberships

  • American Association of Endodontists  
  • Illinois State Dental Society  
  • College of Diplomates of the American Board of Endodontists  
  • American Dental Association  
  • Illinois Association of Endodontists  

Charities and Philanthropic Endeavors

  • Chicago Dental Society Foundation Clinic
  • AAE Foundation for Endodontics

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