Dr. Dana R. Anderson, PsyD, Psychologist
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Dr. Dana R. Anderson, PsyD

Psychologist | Forensic

6450 Sunset Blvd 1357 Hollywood California, 90028


Dr. Anderson is a clinical forensic psychologist in Northern California. Dr. Anderson specializes in the treatment of severe mental health disorders. As a psychologist, Dr. Anderson evaluates and treats patients through clinical psychopathology assessments and works in tandem with a psychiatrist to assist patients with appropriate medication for their condition. Individuals who seek a clinical psychologist typically have been experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, anger, or some type of emotional distress that is impairing their functioning and interpersonal relationships. Clinical Psychologists perform a variety of assessments to diagnose mental health disorders.

Education and Training

National University BS Criminal Justice 2007

Alliant International MA Forensic Psychology 2014

Alliant International PsyD Forensic Psychology 2016

Provider Details

Dr. Dana R. Anderson, PsyD
Dr. Dana R. Anderson, PsyD's Expert Contributions
  • My mother might have schizophrenia?

    Schizophrenia is a thinking disorder that can include psychosis in the form of delusions or hearing or seeing things that are not there. These same psychotic symptoms can be the result of another mental disorder, side effects of medications, drug use, or dementia. To determine if an individual has Schizophrenia, other possible diagnoses would need to be ruled out first. You can communicate your observations and concerns to her doctor. READ MORE

  • Are my problems major enough to seek help?

    Hello, these symptoms you are experiencing should be assessed by a doctor right away. I treat teens with intrusive thoughts and emerging psychosis by administering a psychological test that helps determine the appropriate diagnosis, treatment, and medication to be given. The test I use for teens is called the MACI-the Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory. This helps rule out other possibilities that may be contributing to these symptoms. I would recommend seeking a clinical psychologist and a psychiatrist. I work in tandem with psychiatrists by completing the testing and diagnostic evaluation and then refer clients to a psychiatrist for medication. Typically a psychologist or psychiatrist will monitor your symptoms each week to ensure progress and make sure you are on the right track. READ MORE

  • Depression treatment?

    Hello, If you want to treat "mood" and "anxiety" with the goal to improve those symptoms and increase energy, I recommend finding a clinical psychologist that provides psychopathology testing. A psychopathology assessment will determine if these symptoms meet diagnostic criteria, and to what extent. An interpretive psychopathology report will break down the specific "symptoms" you are experiencing and provide a treatment recommendation and plan. A treatment plan may include both cognitive behavioral therapy and medication. The psychologist will work with the patient to measure the reduction of their impairment with the goal to increase functioning. Often times patients come in, seeking help for a specific set of symptoms, but a more thorough evaluation reveals another underlying issue. If a patient comes to me and tells me that their current medications and treatment aren't working, then we need to take a closer look and consider making a modification. A good treatment plan means you should be seeing improvement and are headed in the right direction. I recommend making an appointment with a clinical psychologist to assist you with your diagnosis and treatment plan, in addition to your prescribing provider. A psychologist works in tandem with the prescribing doctor, P.A. or N.P to provide the best continuity of care. Hope that was helpful and you find some relief for your symptoms! READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Psychopathology AssessmentsClinical Mental Health DisordersSchizophreniaBipolar Disorder

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • CEO/Owner California Forensic Psychology 2022 - Present


  • Doctoral Fellowship Award 2016 Soroptimist International 
  • RUBY Award 2016 Soroptimist International 
  • Women's Opportunity Award 2012 Soroptimist International 
  • The HERO Award 2012 Shasta Family Justice Center 

Professional Memberships

  • Leadership Redding  
  • Forensic Mental Health Association  

Charities and Philanthropic Endeavors

  • One Safe Place, Shasta County
  • The Teen Center
  • Camp Hope
  • Dogtor K9
  • Creekside Counseling

Areas of research

Personality Disorders

Schizophrenia & psychotic disorders

Bipolar and mood disorders

Antisocial personality & psychopathy

Borderline Personality Disorder

Intimate partner homicide

Violence risk assessments

Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate Partner Strangulation

Malingering & Feigning Mental Illness

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California Forensic Psychology

6450 Sunset Blvd 1357 -
Hollywood, California 90028
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