Sarah Henry, Psychologist
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Sarah Henry


5150 Mae Anne Ave Ste 405 PMB 1094 Reno NV, 89523


With an extremely rare dual specialization in both Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology, Dr. Sarah M. Henry works with clients in highly demanding and stressful careers (medicine/healthcare, law, consulting, military, finance, academia) to overcome issues related to balancing work and parenthood, anxiety, mood, stress management, burnout, relationship difficulties and PTSD.  Her work with the Navy SEALs and her own life experience as a working mother and military spouse make her an expert in the challenges of Working Motherhood. Dr. Henry provides effective, evidence-based treatments that are proven to not only help clients achieve their desired results, but also to maintain their gains.  Additionally, she provides support services to individuals ready to progress to the next level in their professions and enhance performance outcomes.

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Education and Training

University of Miami Ph.D. 2015

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Areas of expertise and specialization

anxietymood issuespostpartum anxiety and depressionstress managementburnoutrelationship difficultiespost-traumatic stress disorder

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5150 Mae Anne Ave Ste 405 PMB 1094 -
Reno, NV 89523
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