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Isata Panda


20 E Timonium Rd, Ste 210 Lutherville- Timonium MD, 21093


Dr. Isata Panda is a Dentist practicing in Lutherville- Timonium, MD. Dr. Panda specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases and conditions associated with the mouth and overall dental health. Dentists are trained to carry out such treatment as professional cleaning, restorative, prosthodontic, and endodontic procedures, and performing examinations, among many others.

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Isata Panda
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  • How do you fix lower teeth crowding?

    Depending on the severity of the crowding. Most will need ortho (with or without a possible extraction to make space). If it is minor, I might be fixable with crowns or veneers, but these procedures require prepping your tooth and loosing tooth structure. READ MORE

  • Can you eat a hamburger with dentures?

    If they are done right, yes. READ MORE

  • Can I drink beer today after a filling that I had yesterday at 4pm?

    Yes you can. A simple filling should have set by now. READ MORE

  • Do I need any teeth removed?

    HI, you should see a dentist. Unfortunately we can only tell you the extent of your cavity with dental xrays. If your teeth need to be pulled, that would be discussed at your appointment READ MORE

  • How long does pain and swelling last after tooth implant?

    For the first few hours after your procedure, you won’t feel much. Your mouth will still be numb, and you may still be feeling the effects of dental sedation if you opted to be sedated during your procedure. After these effects wear off, however, some pain is normal. You can take over-the-counter painkillers to deal with any discomfort. After about 24 hours, you may notice bruising, swelling and tenderness around the implant site. The implant area will likely feel very tender and sensitive. You should avoid hot foods and crunchy foods. You’ll continue to notice these symptoms for about 3-7 days after your treatment. After about 5 days, your pain and discomfort should subside quite a bit. After about a week, your mouth will feel mostly normal again. READ MORE

  • Should I take my 3 years old daughter to a dentist?

    It is best to take your daughter to a dentist. If she does have a cavity, your dentist will recommend a treatment. This is especially important because she in 3 years old, and most of her adult teeth wont start coming in until at least approximately 6 years old. If the tooth she has a cavity on turns out to be one that will not come out until she's about 9-11years old, then the chances of her being in pain or getting an infection are greater because the cavity will get worst. READ MORE

  • Can braces cause mouth ulcers?

    Braces cause ulcers by repeatedly rubbing on the mouth tissues for a period of time. As the braces rub the mouth tissues, the spot becomes raw and irritated. If left untreated, the sore will only get worse and an infection could develop. Orthodontic wax is a special substance similar to beeswax that you apply to the brackets of your braces. Covering the brackets with this wax prevents them from rubbing and irritating your tissues. Simply warm up the wax in your hands prior to applying it, and use it as you need it. If you don’t have any, ask your orthodontist for some. You can also purchase it online and in stores. A dry mouth makes your tissues more at risk of developing sores. Preventing this is simple by drinking more water to keep your mouth moist. Drinking water also promotes the production of saliva, which contains natural anti-bacterial components. If you don’t want to take pain medication, or you want to give your treatment an extra boost, mix a half teaspoon of salt with a cup of warm water. Swish the solution in your mouth for at least 30 seconds and rinse. Saltwater can reduce pain and swelling. It also cleans your mouth and kills bacteria that could lead to infection. READ MORE

  • Is getting veneers painful?

    No! Most patients report no pain or discomfort at all during treatment. This is because the procedure is minimally-invasive. The only preparation required for veneers is the removal of a thin layer of enamel from your teeth. This layer of enamel is equal in thickness to the veneer, so it’s removed to ensure a seamless fit. This can be done under a local anesthetic, and the layer of enamel is so thin that there is no pain for the patient. READ MORE

  • What color is best for braces?

    Braces can be fun. The color of your braces does not determine anything in your treatment. You can choose clear band if you wish, or have fun with it and choose any other color. READ MORE

  • Is it okay to have sensitivity after a filling?

    This is completely normal straight after the treatment has finished. It’s important to avoid hot and cold foods for at least a few hours while your filling sets. Pain should subside within a week or so and sensitivity should stop after two to four weeks. If it continues for longer, contact your dentist. READ MORE

  • Are dentures natural looking?

    Proper dentures are custom-crafted to suit you – making them incredibly comfortable and natural looking. READ MORE

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