David Pico, Chiropractor (Pediatric)
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David Pico


240 Grand Avenue Leonia New Jersey, 07605


Dr. David Pico is a Chiropractor practicing in Leonia, New Jersey. Dr. Pico specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating conditions associated with the neuromusculoskeletal system, while improving each patients functionality and quality of life. Conditions treated include sciatica, neck pain, and arthritis pain, among many others. Dr. Pico seeks to reduce pain and discomfort through manipulation and adjustment of the spine.

Education and Training

Life Chiropractic College DC 1992

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Male Spanish, Farsi
David Pico
David Pico's Expert Contributions
  • Sitting is the New Smoking

    Chiropractors noticed an increasing number of patients coming into their offices with spinal problems connected directly to sitting long hours.Spinal health is dependent on good alignment, healthy balanced muscles, and a proper nerve flow. Our spinal health habits of how we use our back and body as...

  • Can a chiropractor fix a pinched nerve in back?

    Yes a chiropractor is the correct type of doctor to see. READ MORE

  • How should I sleep to improve my posture?

    Unfortunately sleeping positions does not have much to do with posture, that is a separate discussion that includes ways to get proper alignment and muscle balance. For better spinal health overall sleeping on your back or your side is appropriate and sleeping on your stomach is very bad. READ MORE

  • How long after a chiropractic adjustment do you feel better?

    There are many factors that affect a spine's ability to heal so answering the question as it is asked is not quite possible. Factors such as the severity of the problem and how long the problem has been happening are the top factors. Understanding the problem and having proper communication with the doctor are important. I would ask the doctor if you are comfortable with the office and the goals they set out for you to continue along the recommended path. READ MORE

  • Physical neck/head/shoulders

    The relationship between your alignment, your muscles, and your nerves is off. Contact a chiropractor to have x-rays and get the care it most certainly will help. READ MORE

  • Spinal stenosis

    Stenosis is a serious condition that can severely affect your quality of life as you get older. Chiropractors use a very helpful traction and adjustment protocol to help with symptoms and improve spinal health. READ MORE

  • Lumbar injections

    Return to your doctor who did the injections and get an MRI if you have not yet. READ MORE

  • Whats wrong with my back?

    That sounds like a severe muscle spasm. If it continues for more than 4 days or has happened before i suggest visiting a chiropractor to get x rays and a full spinal evaluation. READ MORE

  • I have a compression facture in my back it's t 11 t 12

    That is a specific question to ask your orthopedist who diagnosed you. There are braces available. READ MORE

  • Neck Pain

    That might be a problem related to your scoliosis. Visit your chiropractor to possibly update your x rays and get relief. READ MORE

  • How long is chiropractic treatment for hernia pain?

    That depends on how complicated (healthy or unhealthy) the area that is injured is. Sometimes pains can reduce in 4-6 visits, other times 1-2 months on average in our office. READ MORE

  • Lower back pain

    Check your alignment, your muscles and your feet balance. This is something that is a symptom of a problem in the connection between these three things. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help with a disc hernia?

    Yes we help with disc herniations every day. Depending on the condition, by getting your spine healthy and well balanced the discs always benefit. READ MORE

  • Does massage help hip impingement?

    It can help with the symptoms that arise from the stress of the hip not moving properly. READ MORE

  • Can the chronic hip pain be fixed?

    Every problem has a solution. READ MORE

  • Can you help with a bulging disc?

    Yes chiropractic is a very important type of care to consider for spinal health and treating disc bulges. READ MORE

  • Pop in mid back like a balloon

    Unfortunately from the symptoms you explained the likelihood of that event being a disc injury from my experience is rather high. X rays and MRI are a good idea. READ MORE

  • Is chiropractic adjustment long-lasting?

    Depending on the overall health of your spine including the health of your muscles, your alignment and your posture, the time a chiropractic adjustment correction stays is a reflection of these factors. This will be determined and explained in your initial chiropractic assessment. READ MORE

  • What could be the cause for Upper back pain?

    Spinal misalignment called a subluxation can often go undetected. 95% of all spinal subluxations s[end many months or years without symptoms. That being said the symptoms you are explaining sound very much like symptomatic subluxations. Have that checked by a doctor of chiropractic? READ MORE

  • back pain

    I would say pain is not normal and is a warning signal. Scoliosis is something that needs treatment to get better and feel better. Have a parent take you to a pediatric chiropractor who has experience with scoliosis management and expect to get better and feel better. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Chiropractic Biophysicspediatric craniosacral therapyWebster Technique

Professional Memberships

  • Association of New Jersey Chiropractors  

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240 Grand Avenue -
Leonia, New Jersey 07605
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