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Dr. Daniel Y Ryu MD, Preventative Medicine Specialist

Dr. Daniel Y Ryu MD

Preventative Medicine Specialist | Preventive Medicine/Occupational Environmental Medicine

2322 E 22nd St Svch Occupational Me Cleveland OH, 44115


Daniel Ryu is a preventative medicine specialist practicing in Cleveland, OH. Ryu specializes in the health of individuals, communities, and particular populations, focusing on how to protect and maintain health as well as prevent disease and dangers. As a preventative health specialist, Ryu participates in the planning and evaluation of health services, researches diseases in specific populations and helps manage health care organizations. Preventative medicine specialists can specialize further in aerospace medicine, occupational medicine, or public health and general preventive medicine.

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MaleEnglish 19 years of experience

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Daniel Ryu, MD

2322 E 22nd St Svch Occupational Me -
Cleveland, OH 44115
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New patients: 216-363-2691
Fax: 216-694-4665

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