Life had not been easy for our family, in 1970 we lost our little sister at the age of 8 and 5 years later my father passed away from prostate cancer. I thought it was tough enough for my mom to raise us on our own without hearing that her older daughter had been diagnosed with cancer at age 50. However, I never said "Why me??!" because I thought "why NOT me". None of us have immunity from any kind of disease, even if we eat healthy. I once babysat a little girl who was only allowed to eat organic foods, no sugars and 4 years later I went to visit hdr and she had an extreme case of diabetes, even though she never ate sugar. It is what is in you, what is in the air, and sadly cancer can affect anyone. Children can get lung cancer even though they do not smoke. So, now, fighting cancer for the 2nd time, I am learning much about the disease and how it affects others. And, unfortunately, I have been told that nothing can get rid of this cancer because it is in an area where surgery cannot be performed because the area where the cancer is, it's much too dangerous to try and remove the lymph nodes.
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