My Diagnosis Story

Claudia Wallace: My Diagnosis Story
Claudia Wallace Cancer

Life had not been easy for our family, in 1970 we lost our little sister at the age of 8 and 5 years later my father passed away from prostate cancer. I thought it was tough enough for my mom to raise us on our own without hearing that her older daughter had been diagnosed with cancer at age 50. However, I never said "Why...

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What symptoms led up to your diagnosis?

I had pain in my abdomen. I had a hernia so I thought that was what was causing the pain.

What tests did your doctor do, and what was this experience like?

After fixing my hernia, he sent tissue down to the lab, which is the norm. Tests came back that I had free-floating cancer cells in my abdomen.

Upon learning about your diagnosis, what happened next?

My surgeon sent me to an oncologist gynecologist. (hope I spelled that right!) where some tests were done with the outcome of endometrial cancer. Next performed was a hysterectomy followed by an aggressive chemo trial. It worked and I was announced cancer-free 7 months later. Sadly, in 2014, my cancer returned, contained in 2 lymph nodes on either side of my groins. Right now they are just trying to contain them, keeping them from actually growing.