My name is Donna. I am a mom of 4 Daughters, married 45 years, was a fitness instructor for 15 years, an avid runner, loved spinning and lifted weights as well as street biking, all of which I began and was still doing, with the exception of the fitness instructor, until cancer decided to make my leg its home. As my girls grew and went out into the world, my focus was to keep us both healthy so we could relax travel a bit and look forward to getting to be able to retire and float around be adventurous and just enjoy some of the fruits of our labour and be Gramma and Grampa drop ins lol. Instead fear, sadness, pain, hopelessness, shock and disbelief, oh and a big one, guilt. Guilt the pain and fear in my families eyes their lives turned insideout .All the questions no one could answer.This has been a journey There is sooo much to say and that's why I have made a commitment to write my book Our story on where we were to where we are and how we overcome. I want to help people to know there is hope and there astonishing explosions of strength in all of u. U can rise and overcome
Donna Gendron
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Donna Gendron: Share your coping strategies

Share your coping strategies

I cry but not for long then I talk to my mom who passed shortly after my amputation. She could always make me see light. I want her to look down and see I'm happy and strong...

Donna Gendron: My Diagnosis Story

My Diagnosis Story

No symptoms, only a sudden appearance of a pea size lump on the inside of my right kneeMRI, scary, in fact, terrified because it had tripled or more in size. 6 weeks waiting for...

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