I have a 22 yr old son with autism, bipolar, severe anxiety and depression who doesn't want to leave the safety of the house. A husband who works part time but is trying to be both of our career, along with him getting skin cancer cut out every 6 months, last one was his 1st skin graft. He also has 4 children from a previous marriage that have mental health issues as well, life can get very interesting. I have 11 step gran children and 3 step step gran children some I see, some I don't.

I have just turned 50 and my disease is starting to progress along, a month out of a 8 week flare longest yet, really knocked me around started having troubles with the step in the shower and out to the toilet so time to start making changes before I have another fall. Scared me being so sick for so long, usually my flares only last couple weeks at the most. So contacted my OT he is so good and started getting the ball rolling for bathroom modifications. Of course being government it will take a while but hopefully if I take it easy and pace myself, I won't have another big flare. Be good Be good that's my mantra.

But it does get frustrating sometimes having to take it slow and steady and not do things not eat certain things try and lose weight and move more. life use to be a lot simpler.

Oh well life goes on.
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