I am in mid 50's and since I was diagnosed my life has not been the same. I've lost all of my friends and I am unable to do the things I used to love to do. I still desire in my mind to do those things it is that I simply can't due to pain or from one of the other side effect that this horrible condition has. The medical world wants to simply push meds down our throats that deal with the symptoms not looking for answers to what causes this and a possible cure. I don't like taking medication and having to check in monthly to be monitored with my medication makes me feel like I have done something wrong in my life. We are treated like criminals because of the meds we are given and told what, how many and what we are not allowed to take. For me this life is horrible and at times I do not feel as if I am living but simply existing. More needs to be done to help us. Research and public awareness would be greatly appreciated.
Mary Burch
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