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deidre tranter - Share What Alternative Therapies You Have Tried
deidre tranter Fibromyalgia

I was diagnosed back in 2000 for Fibromyalgia. I was 40 years old. I started out with muscle pain in my thighs and it gradually spread everywhere else except my lower legs and lower arms. I was diagnosed with Arthritis back in my early 30's in my hands and knees. Everything else I have, I have spent a lot of money on trying...

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What alternative therapies have you tried?

I have had massages, heat pads, putting pillows under my knees, soaked in hot water with Epson salts, TENS unit, Physical therapy.

What results were you looking for and what was the outcome?

The massages hurt bad enough I almost come off the table. I know I will feel better for at least a week after the massage. Because my thighs are always affected and my hips, I like putting heat pads on them. It feels good even though it doesn't make the pain go away when I'm done. Epson salt and hot bath doesn't do a lot but I usually fall asleep. TENS unit feels odd and I turn it all the way up gradually. Some of the settings feel like a massage. Some people can't take this. I figure it can't hurt anymore then I already do. The pillows under my knees helps relieve the knee pain after working all day or standing a lot. Physical therapy just made me hurt more.

How open is your medical team to your integration of alternative therapies?

My regular physician and I have discussed this but my insurance didn't cover those things and she doesn't prescribe them.

What therapies have you not tried that you are interested in trying?

Acupuncture, medical marijuana. Something that doesn't do more damage to other parts of me.