My Diagnosis Story

Barbara Andrews: My Diagnosis Story
Barbara Andrews Lupus

I am a 46 year old single mom and teacher. When I got the diagnosis my daughter was only 18 months old and I was only 29. I thought my life was over literally. I was devastated wondering what was going to happen to my baby. I had ups and downs it wasn't very active when she was little but as I got older that changed and...

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What symptoms led up to your diagnosis?

I didn't think to pursue a diagnosis. I had a teaching Doctor at a university health center. My medical history showed I'd had a couple of miscarriages at the same stage; because of my age he started looking for the reason behind that. That's when he decided to test me for lupus. I remember the nurse called me back to repeat the test telling me I was a little positive. I think I'd only heard of lupus once before this.

What tests did your doctor do, and what was this experience like?

The first time he did the test along with some other routine blood work and I didn't know he was doing an ANA; so there was no anxiety, I appreciate that.

Upon learning about your diagnosis- what happened next?

When the nurse called me I remember I was on the way home with my daughter who was about 18 months; the nurse said I needed to come back down to repeat a test that was a "little" positive to be sure. I asked what test and the nurse told me the doctor tested me for lupus I asked her what was that and she gave me the quick and dirty version and ended with and there is no cure for it. I cried I had just been told I had something there is no cure for and my baby girl was only 18 months old. I was freaking out, wondering what would happen to her?