My Diagnosis Story

Cynthia-McGee-Davies: My Diagnosis Story
Cynthia McGee Davies Lupus

I was diagnosed in 1995 with Discoid Lupus. This was a time when the internet was no such thing. The library was my resource to find out nothing on this mystery disease. Now that we have the internet it is still a mystery. Lupus is my way of life which subjects me to being in pain everyday. But I am a fighter and will never...

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What symptoms led up to your diagnosis?

My first symptom was horrible pain in my ankle. I did not remember injuring my ankle at all. Like twisting it or falling down on my ankle. I went to the orthopedic and found that I had arthritis. Next my hair began to fall out where I had two huge bald spots in the front and in the back of my head. That is when I went to the doctor which was a dermatologist. 

What tests did your doctor do, and what was this experience like?

The dermatologist did an emergency biopsy in her office. Once the test came back they diagnosed me with discoid Lupus. After which I had to do a lot of extensive lab work to find if I had systemic Lupus. It was a very scary experience and I was crying in the park lot with my mom on the phone. 

Upon learning about your diagnosis, what happened next?

They found that I did not have systemic Lupus. However my bones and skin are affected. Which there was no real medication for me to take to assist me with my pain. So I went under pain management and I was given cream by the dermatologist to assist me with losing my hair. I  still suffer with tremendous pain today and have since cut all of my hair off so that Lupus will have no more to take.