How I Cope with Lupus "Brain Fog"

How I Cope with Lupus "Brain Fog"

How has lupus "brain fog" affected you and how have you met the challenge?

When I first started noticing brain fog it kind of scared me. I thought I was losing my mind. My Dr. said that it happens with a lot of patients and we would find ways to work around it. Most of my fog has been forgetting things like names, people I have met, and even things that I have done just a short time before. It also makes concentrating more difficult. I was going to college to get my degree and when I started having the brain fog, it was so difficult to remember anything. And that made it so hard to study. It was like I wasn't remembering anything I had learned. I really got depressed when I had to leave school with only 4 courses till I got my bachelors. I am determined to go back and finish, I just need to get a really good tutor. 

What are some of the ways you work around brain fog?

I have started making lists for almost everything. It really helps knowing it is on paper. I used to be able to multi task really well and now I need to slow it down and put more attention on just the one thing I am doing. I also do puzzles and brain teasers to keep my brain alert. It seems to be helping with some of the remembering. Reading is helping also. It seems to keep my mind moving and my doc tells me that is a good thing. I have noticed that when I am talking to people, sometimes I get repetitive. Almost like I forgot that I have told them something. This has just started the last few months and I haven't found anything to help as of yet. I thought about writing things down, but talking to people is often spontaneous and a list of what to say may not always be helpful.

How does your family and friends understand brain fog?

My daughter understands that it can come and go and that sometimes it takes me longer to finish things or what I am saying. Sometimes she gets frustrated when I repeat what I have told her or that I can't remember something she just told me. But she takes a step back and waits patiently for me to get things together. Most of my friends haven't seen too much of it. When I do have brain fog around them and they ask what is wrong, I explain that it is an issue with my Lupus. I think most of the time they feel bad that I am forgetful or that I have difficulty doing simple things. But they do what they can to help. They are great at helping me make lists if I need to. And keeping track of stuff. I have a great support system and that makes all the difference.