My Diagnosis Story

Regine DemMan: My Diagnosis Story

What symptoms led up to your diagnosis?

A terrible aversion to garlic, itchiness all over my body even on the soles of my feet, vomiting when eating certain foods, feeling so tired that I could not walk a short distance, getting swelling in different places in my body (my face, my feet, my fingers and my lips), feeling suddenly very uncomfortable in the sun and unable to stay in the sun.

What tests did your doctor do, and what was this experience like?

I had to tell the GP to test me and he was useless.  He organised a blood test which came back 99% positive for lupus.  He had no clue what to do next.

Upon learning about your diagnosis- what happened next?

I was very upset of course and asked the GP what will happen. He organised for me to see a rheumatologist but I got no information, support or help from the GP.