Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or as I call her Madam Sadistica

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or as I call her Madam Sadistica
Tete Martinez Multiple Sclerosis

(Example Description) As a board certified reproductive endocrinologist, specializing in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), it has been my life’s work to help build families. Many of my patients come to me with little hope and often misdiagnosis’. I have been influential in the births of more than 6000...

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Most folks call me "T". 

I have been diagnosed with Madam Sadistica for 26yrs now.  My first Nero believes that I have suffered from this for at least 6-10yrs before my actual diagnosis.  One would think that Madam S and I would know each other quite well by now.  Alas, that's not the case with us.  I have lost a lot to Madam S.  From no longer being able to work as a nurse, seeing colors, independence and much much more.  I wont lie and say that after all this time that I have made my peace with the two of us, but it has gotten less traumatic to deal with.  With this blog I hope to meet others searching for others stories to see that they are not alone.  So for now, roll up your sleeves and get ready for some knowledge, head scratching, and laughs.