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Marathoner Finds ‘Magic Freedom’ from MS Through Running

Inspiring those around him with his resilience

Most recently, Platt hit the streets of Pittsburgh for the annual Pittsburgh marathon. He was accompanied by Dr. Troy Desai, the neurologist at Allegheny Health Network who heads his MS treatment team, and the doctor’s fellow colleagues. Desai was never a runner, but he said that it was Platt who inspired him. “Four or five years ago, he was walking with a cane and he’d have to look down at the ground to see where his feet were and take very small steps. The medicine he’s on has done a good job of keeping his symptoms at bay. But it’s his training, his dedication, his discipline and his drive that have allowed him thrive and run 26 miles every week” said Desai.

Yet, for Platt, he said that seeing the mobility impaired runners who compete with him in the marathons, is what continues to inspire him to push forward. “On Patriots Day every year humanity is alive and well. I am truly moved by the caring and the outpouring and support I see. We’ve all been through the dark. The magic is when you show up and say, ‘tomorrow I’m going to be better than today’” he said.