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Marathoner Finds ‘Magic Freedom’ from MS Through Running

Sharing his experiences and spreading a positive message

Today, 43-year-old Platt analyzes MS research as a peer reviewer for the Congressionally Directed Medical Research program. It is a special Department of Defense program that supports high-risk and high-gain research. Although a cure for MS has yet to be found, Platt feels that the future is bright for better MS treatments and improved quality of life. “I can confidently say we will be able to stop the progression of the disease in my lifetime. Once we can do that, there are solutions to the problems” he said. Solutions may be as simple as delivering groceries to a patient who is too sick to drive or finding a good fit with a doctor.

Platt also has his own platform, which he uses to share his goal for wellness and to advocate for MS research. He serves as Chairman for the National MS Society PA Government Relations Committee and he was recently inducted into the NMSS Hall of Fame for his advocacy work.

Platt has become a positive voice among the MS community and his message is definitely one of hope. “If you’re in a wheelchair, move your arms. Use whatever you have to work with. What matters is that you move it. Life is about moving and growing” he said.

Photo: James Knox/Tribune-Review