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Huiping Xu

Need to see whole picture. Comprehensive evaluation is needed.

This is one of the coping skill.

Need comprehensive evaluation to decide.

Meditation, sunshine, exercise, balanced diet, social interaction…

In eastern medicine, being overweight is associated with spleen weakness. As a systemic change, one of the symptoms is depression. That means these symptoms are coming as part of cluster symptoms.

Depends on which medication and what dose. Also depends on individual biological responses. Normally it metabolizes soon.

Do not confront them, bring to professional for evaluation.

Appears like panic from report. Need to check out with provider.

Everything has pros and cons. The medication is designed to treat depression and anxiety and we do see good results in most clients. However, medication itself does cause side effects. It depends on how you weigh risk and benefit.

Biological world is always variable and has broad spectrum. One individual is always different from another. Guess that’s the nature.

Psychopath is Axis I diagnosis, personality disorder is Axis II diagnosis. They are two different level disorders. Many people can have coexisting conditions, but not always. Many times, Axis I can mask Axis II condition.

There are 3-4 categories of antidepressants. Majority of them, yes, cause more or less weight gain. Different people have different sensitivity.

Weighing risk and benefit. Most medications are not favorable during pregnancy, especially benzodiazepines, which are prohibited and can cause fetus facial disfigurement.

It’s important to treat underlying mental condition if it plays role of certain behavior. Forensic psychiatrist certainly can help too!

In general, female has protection from estrogen, which helps to some extend. Remember postpartum depression comes from rapid decline of estrogen level. Same for premenstrual period.

Mechanism of depression still unknown. You probably do not see visible change in brain, but so-called neurotransmitter imbalance may happen. The role of medication is to rebalance neurotransmitters. Some organic brain illnesses can also have depression as part of clinical presentations. Thank you!

Wellbutrin, Prozac, Zoloft, Lexapro etc

Through some brain neuclei to make yourself happier by eating.

So-called best needs to tailer to each individual. However, not many options. Propranolol or hydroxyzine can be tried.