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Huiping Xu

Yes can do therapy but effectiveness is limited during acute stage. Mainly should be dependent on medication management.

There are genetic, psychiatric and environmental reasons.

If there is over eating behavior then it maybe related with mental condition such as eating disorder, anxiety etc. If they are not related with behavioral issues and purely because of genetic or physical reason then need to counsel pcp or other specialist.

Depends on level of severity, frequency and associated other symptoms. Needs a comprehensive evaluation.

SSRI/SNRI category of antidepressants are first line treatment for panic disorder. There are many factors to decide if you are actually cured with it.

Hello! Yes. At Wholehealth PLLC in Houston, Texas, board-certified physician Huiping Xu, MD, and a team of experts provide the best in personalized mental health treatments for ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, OCD, and other challenging mental health conditions. The team of professionals uses a systematic approach to understand the root of each patient's issues and needs, starting with a comprehensive psychiatric assessment. Wholehealth PLLC uses a full-transparency approach, in which the team explains the patient's diagnosis, treatment options, and all the information needed to choose the recovery path that suits the individual patient the best. The Wholehealth PLLC team strives to help every patient cope with and manage the symptoms of their condition so they can maximize their quality of life. Plans span the full range of cutting-edge mental health treatment modalities, including individual therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, medication management, and ketamine. At Wholehealth PLLC every patient, from children to teenagers, adults, and seniors, gets the highly customized care and personal support they need and deserve. Family treatment is also available. To book a psychiatric assessment at Wholehealth PLLC call the Houston clinic. T: 832-831-3183

Need to see whole picture. Comprehensive evaluation is needed.

This is one of the coping skill.

Need comprehensive evaluation to decide.

Meditation, sunshine, exercise, balanced diet, social interaction…

In eastern medicine, being overweight is associated with spleen weakness. As a systemic change, one of the symptoms is depression. That means these symptoms are coming as part of cluster symptoms.

Depends on which medication and what dose. Also depends on individual biological responses. Normally it metabolizes soon.

Do not confront them, bring to professional for evaluation.

Appears like panic from report. Need to check out with provider.

Everything has pros and cons. The medication is designed to treat depression and anxiety and we do see good results in most clients. However, medication itself does cause side effects. It depends on how you weigh risk and benefit.

Biological world is always variable and has broad spectrum. One individual is always different from another. Guess that’s the nature.

Psychopath is Axis I diagnosis, personality disorder is Axis II diagnosis. They are two different level disorders. Many people can have coexisting conditions, but not always. Many times, Axis I can mask Axis II condition.