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Huiping Xu

Need to rule out so called tactile delusion. Also need a full evaluation by a psychiatrist.

It could but best idea is to do a ADHD test.

Look at if it’s secondary to general medical condition or original condition. If it’s former treat medical condition. In both cases need to treat anxiety.

Any mental illness related with biological, psychiatric and social back ground.

Better to find out underlying reason. If it’s psychiatric illnesses related or just because doing something else. Lack of a structured life may also contribute.

If do not handle well and brings stress at work to the relationship yes

Get on regular sleep and wake up schedule, eating healthy, exercise, sunshine, most important breathing relaxation practice.

Let your therapist decide which to use. May use combination.

Seek professional help, rehab, therapy, etc.

Not necessarily related unless say over stressed using drugs as poor coping skills

CBT is commonly used

Depends; some people respond well, some not. Totally depends on biological response.

Depends on level of anxiety and types of anxiety. SSRI commonly used

Need to seek professional help. Medication and therapy may be needed.

Biological, psychiatric and social environment all contribute to it

Prefrontal cortex under development

Medication and therapy