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Huiping Xu

Yes with medication

In general, mental conditions impair all aspects of life. Some professions relatively less impacted, some more. Depends on level of depression, it may affect nursing work.

Lack of stimulation easily make people isolated under stable. Seek some doable activities for him

Encouragement, loving, caring help to find professional service.

Mild level depression can help with life style change. Food, sleep, sunshine, exercise, meditation etc

Biological psychiatric and social environment

Irritability isolation crying insomnia ...

Depends on background. Needs professional evaluation.

Life style change certainly helps but limited. Depends on level of depression medication is appropriate when at moderate level

Needs medication and therapy sounds like

Functional level impacted at high level

Binge eating disorder can happen needs professional evaluation

Bad hormones can generate. It’s harmful to general health conditions, too. Relaxation, deep breathing may be beneficial.

It’s not usual, cannot rule out.

Continue therapy. Some medication can help cravings.

Biological psychiatric and social environment all contribute