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Expand Your Reach by Building an Expert Blog

Expand your Reach by Building an Expert Blog

FindaTopDoc has introduced an effective, professional, and free way to build online engagement among doctors and patients. The Expert Blog allows you to write your own content and host your blog on an innovative platform. It is a great way to build exposure among the rapidly growing online health community. More than 70% of patients search the internet to learn more about health-related issues, such as diseases and treatments, and to find the top doctors in their area. By building an Expert Blog, you can generate traffic to your profile and ensure maximum visibility among the top pages of Google. Most importantly, you can provide prospective patients with an informative and humanizing look at who you are behind the professional mask.

Position Yourself as a Leader

Who are you and what do you have to offer? The Expert Blog can help you answer these questions. You can introduce readers to who you are, your areas of specialization, and your treatment philosophies. You can also build trust among your readers; the more you can show you are well-versed in your field, the more likely patients are to walk through your door. 

Support Social Media Initiatives

It is rather difficult to maintain an active social media presence without access to unique, high-quality content. The Expert Blog gives you the opportunity to create relevant content for your patients and you can use this as the foundation for all your social media platforms. It allows you to engage current and prospective patients, promote upcoming events, increase awareness for volunteer causes, build a sense of community, and even celebrate an important organization milestone. Additionally, FindaTopDoc will share your articles on various social media feeds, promoting your blog to patients in your area. 

Increase Your SEO

Fresh content in your Expert Blog is the key to beating out the competition when it comes to search engine results. It is important to use keywords and related expressions in your articles so that patients can find you—the top doctor they are looking for. FindaTopDoc will even help edit your videos and add graphics and text to make it a truly professional production. Keep in mind that regular blogging will naturally increase your search results, though being intent about your words will only increase results. 
As a busy doctor, managing email campaigns can seem nearly impossible. For this reason, FindaTopDoc is offering a quick and useful way to ensure you stay in touch with your patients. Every reader that subscribes to your Expert Blog will be sent a notification every time you post, as well as a customized e-newsletter highlighting your latest articles of the month. Every newsletter is personalized in a reader-friendly, modern design to keep your readers intrigued.

Develop Better Relationships with Current and Prospective Patients 

The Expert Blog is a powerful source that can help you deepen connections with patients and help them reach a level of comfort from an online home base. When it comes to blog posts, you can show the personal side of your profession and share what you stand for. The Expert Blog gives you the unique opportunity to express your voice and personality, all while building your online brand and credibility.

Earn Rewards and Recognition

As viewership on your blog begins to grow and you reach new milestones, you can earn rewards, badges, and increased social media shares. The badges will be displayed on your Expert Blog and may also be added to other web pages.

Create Your Expert Blog!

Are you ready to get started?

  • Simply sign up or log into your account on to access your Expert dashboard.
  • Create your Expert Blog biography.
  • Describe your blog, upload a profile picture, even add social media links.
  • Start writing! Address your perspective on certain medical conditions, treatments, and procedures.

Why wait? Creating your FindaTopDoc Expert Blog will immediately begin getting indexed by Google and other search engines, improving your presence on the web. 

Here are some tips for getting started:

Creating a blog post every day can be incredibly difficult. You don’t want to create an expectation that you cannot meet, and, at the same time, you want to develop an audience around your blog. Blogging does require some sort of consistency and, optimally, posting about twice a week is required in order to maintain readership. Blog posts are most effective when each entry has a relevant subject and is a minimum of 300 words.

Above all, you need to determine your goal. If you want your blog to attract patients, then what you create has to appeal to that audience so that you can gain high ranking in search engines and have readers visit your profile. With some much health-related information online, creating something that is both compelling and unique can be challenging. So, if you have broader goals, you can branch out beyond health topics. The possibilities are endless, but pick an area that relates to your specialty/medical practice and commit to it. 

Every blog has its own style, template, and rules. FindaTopDoc offers unlimited support from staff members to ensure your blog reflects the style and tone you want for your audience. You will have free access to the editorial, graphic, and media team, who will handpick images, videos, and design infographics to be added to your content. Their job is to keep your content looking and sounding the same, all the while optimizing it for search engine results. This makes workflow easier for you and, as your blog begins to grow in readership and entries, you can propel your professional reputation and medical practice to the next level.