Our Team

Anthony Casimano
Founder and CEO

With over 20 years of experience, 10 specifically in healthcare- Anthony has been innovating and bringing to market new products and technologies that have revolutionized the healthcare industry.

Under Anthony’s leadership, FindaTopDoc and its affiliated brands have grown into one of the most trusted resources for doctors and patients alike. Anthony continues to focus his efforts on expanding FindaTopDoc’s user base with the goal of making healthcare more transparent and convenient for all.

Anthony Casimano - Founder and CEO

Siobhan O’Grady
Co-Founder and Creative Director

As the head creative force behind FindaTopDoc’s various product offerings; Siobhan is tasked with interface implementation, user experience design, and content development.

She oversees a staff of over 40 writers and editors ensuring that FindaTopDoc continues its mission of providing reliable and timely medical information. She also serves as Editor in Chief for the internationally distributed healthcare publication; Waiting Room Magazine.

Siobhan O’Grady - Co-Founder and Creative Director

Vincent Geraghty
Chief Operating Officer

Vince is FindaTopDoc’s Chief Operating Officer and leads various teams and departments to ensure optimal efficiency throughout the organization.

Vince has been instrumental in designing and implementing processes to streamline product fulfillment, company reporting and customer satisfaction. He joins FindaTopDoc from Deutsche Bank, where he served as their Managing Director.

Vincent Geraherty - Chief Operating Officer

Kartel Guven
Chief Technology Officer

Kartel oversees the technology infrastructure of all things FindaTopDoc.

He is tasked with ensuring our IT architecture remains scalable and reliable while pursuing new directions and integrating new features into our existing platform to enhance our content management system and user’s experience.

Kartel Guven - Chief Technology Officer

Janine Alaimo
Director of Acquisitions Marketing

As Director of Acquisitions, Janine is tasked with leading our various digital and print marketing efforts.

Janine works vigorously testing and allocating our resources to build our online brand and presence within the medical community. She also oversees the growth and of our chronic illness social media communities which has reached over 300k patients.

Janine Alaimo - Director of Acquisitions Marketing

Erica Douglas
Content Strategist

Erica is tasked with curating relevant and patient friendly content to engage and educate our users.

In addition to managing a staff of writers, Erica oversees over our video production department, developing visual segments to complement our extensive medical library.

Erica Douglas - Content Strategist

Tim Brown
Email Communications Strategist

Tim leads the design, development and oversight of our email program- reaching hundreds of thousands of patients, physicians and healthcare institutions each month.

Previously directing the email strategy for the Fortune 500 company Canon USA- Tim is an expert in managing and analyzing data to drive the performance of our digital communications.

Tim Brown - Email Communications Strategist

Melissa Lambot
Sales Director

Melissa oversees our strategic sales planning while hiring, coaching and mentoring a staff of over sixty.

Her goal-oriented management paired with her uncanny sense of humor, has helped build a team of top-notch sales representatives who deliver an exceptional experience to our doctors and patients alike.

Melissa Lambot - Sales Director