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Dr. Craig K Thorstad MD, Ophthalmologist

Dr. Craig K Thorstad MD


2780 Bob Wallace Avenue Huntsville AL, 35805


Dr. Craig Thorstad is an ophthalmologist practicing in Huntsville, AL. Dr. Thorstad specializes in eye and vision care. As an ophthalmologist, Dr. Thorstad can practice medicine as well as surgery. Opthalmologists can perform surgeries because they have their medical degrees along with at least eight years of additional training. Dr. Thorstad can diagnose and treat diseases, perform eye operations and prescribe eye glasses and contacts. Ophthalmologists can also specialize even further in a specific area of eye care.

Education and Training

Univ of South Al Coll of Med, Mobile Al 1980

Board Certification

Ophthalmology American Board of Ophthalmology ABO

Provider Details

Male English


  • Clarian Methodist Hosp Of Indi, Ophthalmology; Univ Of Al Hosp, Ophthalmology; Carraway Methodist Med Ctr, Flexible Or Transitional Year
  • Eye Fdn Hospital 1981

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Dr. Craig K Thorstad MD's Practice location

Practice At 2780 Bob Wallace Ave Sw

2780 Bob Wallace Avenue -
Huntsville, AL 35805
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New patients: 256-536-7483

Practice At 2780 Bob Wallace Ave Sw

2780 Bob Wallace Ave Sw -
Huntsville, AL 35805
Get Direction
New patients: 256-536-7483
Fax: 256-536-7586

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