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How can I get my son to not be scared of the dark?

My son is scared of the dark, and it's becoming a real problem. What should we do to get him to stop being afraid?

Can Parkinson's affect younger people?

What is the typical age for Parkinson's disease? My friend went to the doctor recently and the doctors are screening for it now. He is only 40 years old, though.

How serious can anorexia be?

My sister has been diagnosed with anorexia. I haven't been around, so when she was diagnosed I was really surprised. How serious can anorexia get? What should we do to help...

How long does one take to recover from a back surgery?

I had a back surgery following excessive pain and discomfort. How long does it usually take for one to recover from a back surgery?

What is the permissable amount of MSG in food?

There is a lot being said about the side effects of MSG in food. Is there a certain amount of MSG that our bodies should have?

Is a keto diet safe?

I have been wanting to start out on the keto diet but I am worried if it is really safe. Is there anything that I should be wary of before I start?

My daughter just started her periods and has extreme mood swings. Is it normal in children?

My daughter is 13 years old and has just started her period. Now, she has been experiencing extreme mood swings. Is this normal for her age?

Is stevia okay for juvenile diabletes?

My son has been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes and he is currently 6 years old. Can I use stevia instead of sugar for him?

Can acupuncture help me lose weight?

I am struggling to lose weight, and the process is going too slow. I have been eating healthy and trying to exercise regularly. My friend read an article recently that said acupuncture...

I have a migraine problem. Should I see an acupuncturist?

I have chronic migraines and have been on medication for it since I was a teenager. I'm sick of taking these pills and I feel like they really don't work. Should I see an acupuncturist...

I have a burning, stinging, itchy feeling with my vagina

My vagina feels itchy and burns and stings when I pee, I can barely move. Very uncomfortable. What could it be?

Sex, libido, and autism

Is there any way to lower a 24 yr old male's libido who has autism and doesn’t understand a relationship, but has sexual desires?

My posture is getting a little slouched. What should I do?

I've been at the same desk job for a few years and I think it's affecting my posture. I try to keep myself straight but I eventually start slouching and then keep recorrecting...

My brother is 39 and single, and I think it's making him depressed. What can we do to help?

My brother is 39 years old and single. He keeps pitying himself and now seems uninvested and depressed. What can we do as a family to help him and support him?

I have a pain in my neck every morning. Can you tell me what could it be?

Every morning I wake up with a pain in my neck right where the spine starts. What could this pain be and how can I get rid of it?

Do certain foods lead to dementia?

Are there any specific kind of foods that could lead to dementia in a person? A couple of people in my family live with dementia and I am scared for my future because of it....

How are blood clots in the veins diagnosed?

I have a family history of blood clots, and I recently read about a condition called deep vein thrombosis after researching possible causes of blood clotting in the body. How...

For small kids how frequent should dentist visits be?

My daughter is 3 and a half years old. How often should I be taking her to the dentist?

At what age can my little one start brushing her teeth on her own?

I have a daughter who is 3 years old. When can she start brushing on her own? She seems like she wants to but I still guide her.

What could be the side effects of a pacemaker?

The doctor has recommended a pacemaker for my father. I would like to know what the possible side effects are of having a pacemaker in the body?

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