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Best laser resurfacing for 33 year old for anti-aging

I am 33 with fairly good skin and I am looking to do things that will help keep me looking young. I have heard doing yearly lasers are important- but which ones are the best?...

Mom died of breast cancer- need feedback on nipple sparing masectomy

I currently have had breast implants for 10 years. My mom recently passed of breast cancer and I am thinking of when it is time to change my implants I will do a nipple sparing...

Skin feels bumpy after IPL

I just got IPL yesterday- I had a lot of redness on my face and some sun damage I was hoping to get rid of. My skin looks bumpy- the texture looks different, not smooth like...

PRP before or after fillers?

I want to get the platelet rich plasma treatment but also want to get some fillers(Juvederm) for my cheeks, temples and under eyes. If I get the PRP afterwards, will this minimize...

Does CT definitley confirm parotid mass?

I felt a lump under my ear and got an ultrasound. The report said it was a 1. 9 cm solid, hypoechoic, well circumscribed mass. My ENT felt it and said it was a parotid tumor....

I've been in remission for nearly two years, but I'm starting to feel weak and tired again. What is wrong?

Almost two years have gone by since being in breast cancer remission. But, I feel as exhausted as I was back when I was on chemotherapy. What is wrong? Is it normal to experience...

I have to get up to pee throughout the night and it interrupts my sleep. Is something wrong?

I can't get a good night's sleep anymore because I have to get up to pee multiple times during the night. Is there something wrong?

I can't seem to control my bladder. Do I need surgery?

I have urinary incontinence and I leak urine consistently. How can this be treated? Do I need surgery?

I have interstitial cystitis. Are there certain foods I should avoid? If so, which ones?

I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis last year, and since then, I've noticed I experience more pain after eating certain foods or drinking certain beverages. Is there a...

Will my first physical therapy appointment hurt? (right hip)

I had a hip replacement and need to start PT. Will it hurt? How do I prepare myself?

I was diagnosed with torticollis and need to go to physical therapy. What kind of treatment will I receive?

I developed torticollis, and my primary doctor referred me to a physical therapist. I am wondering how the physical therapist will treat my condition.

Excessive burping with stomach pain -- what's the reason?

Throughout the day, I will experience episodes of burping with a burning stomach pain. Sometimes it feels like acid, but sometimes it is more dull. What can I do to fix this?...

Can a chiropractor relieve muscle pain?

While it is not in my back, I am experiencing muscle pain from an injury. Can chiropractic care improve the pain?

I was just diagnosed with Crohn's, but there is a history of bowel cancer in my family. What should I look out for?

My grandfather passed away from bowel cancer complications. I was just diagnosed with Crohn's disease 1 month ago. Should I think about further testing? When?

Is fertility reduced with spina bifida?

My husband has spina bifida and we have been discussing starting a family. Will his condition affect our odds?

My back hurts when I sit down. Why?

For the last year or so, my back hurts only when I go to sit down. It is a shooting pain that goes up and down the left side of my back. I don't remember straining this area,...

I had back surgery. Should I see a chiropractor or avoid it?

I had back surgery months ago and am finally recovering. Would it be helpful or hurtful to visit a chiropractor for an adjustment?

Should I see a chiro after a car accident?

I am still having some neck and upper back pain from my car accident 4 months ago. Is it too late to go see a chiropractor?

At night, thinking prevents me from sleeping. Can I do anything about it?

It normally takes me 1-2 hours to finally fall asleep at night. I can't stop thinking and it's hard for me to divert my thoughts. Why does this happen and how can I stop it from...

I'm having some severe chest pain with anxiety. Is this dangerous? What could it be?

I suffer from anxiety, but recently I noticed it comes with severe and sharp chest pain. Is this normal? What can I do to prevent it?

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