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Light brown

So about two days ago when I’m typing this I noticed my poop was turning a light brown, not super light but enough to notice it’s not the dark brown. I feel fine my stomach is...

Rare muscle deterioration disease

My mom has a rare muscle deterioration disease, it's been about 5 or 6 years it started in her legs, it has now spread to her back she's losing so much muscle she getting thinner...

What neurological problems can be associated with memory loss and confusion?

I am all of a sudden having bouts of memory loss where in I cant remember what happened a few minutes ago. I also find myself being confused at random times. What could be the...

Can artificial sweeteners really cause cancer?

I read a recent article that said artificial sweeteners can increase the risk of cancer. Is this true? How?

Is a high protein diet advisable for a diabetes patient?

I have had diabetes for 8 years. I am now going to the gym more often and have been advised to be on a high protein diet. Is it okay for me, considering my diabetes?

Is 4th generation HIV test 100% reliable after one year of possible exposure?

No symptoms; only anxiety, was tested negative after one year from brief vagina touching, no other exposure after that. Should I still worry?

Is hip surgery advisable for an 80 year old?

My grandfather is 80 years old. He fell and is due for a surgery for fracture. Is it advisable? I am very nervous for him.

What is the best course of treatment for femur fracture?

I had a femur fracture due to an accident. Within 24 hours I got a nail insertion. What is the further course of treatment?

Could increased triglycerides cause a risk of heart attack for me?

I have an extremely stressful job and my recent blood reports indicated that my triglycerides are very high. Does this put me at a risk of a heart attack?

Does brushing with salt help remove yellow stains from the teeth?

I just quit smoking and I noticed it really did a number on my teeth. I want to make my teeth white again! I read somewhere online that brushing with salt can help. Is this true?...

Is it possible to salvage dried out contact lenses?

I didn’t use my contact lenses for a week and when I opened the box it appeared that the lenses have dried out. Is there any way to salvage them or do I have to toss them?

Can eye makeup cause problems to my vision?

I work on TV and I use a lot of eye makeup. Do you think this can affect my vision in the long run?

My molars are hurting. I already had my wisdom teeth all taken out. What can this be?

My molars are hurting, especially when I floss. I'm not sure what this could be, as I've gotten all my wisdom teeth removed already.

Is Metformin a lifelong medicine?

The doctor prescribed me Metformin for my PCOS. Is it a lifelong medicine?

Can mold exposure cause an ear infection?

My son has been affected by a severe ear infection. I later found some mold growth near my wall air conditioner unit. Could this have caused the infection?

Can a green color on a sanitary pad indicate infection?

I didn’t bring any pads with me and the one I was wearing turned green in color by the end of the day. Does this mean I have an infection?

I have a slight neck and shoulder pain every time I drive. Why does this happen?

I have a strange pain in my neck and shoulders everytime I drive. This pain goes away when I lie down. Why does this happen?

I have nausea and headache after eating red meat. What should I do?

I woke up in the morning to a bad headache and nausea after eating a steak last night. I've also noticed this happen when I have any kind of red meat in general. Why could this...

Why do I have diarrhea when I eat spicy food?

Lately I realized that I am just not able to eat spicy food. Even the slightest amount of spice causes diarrhea for me. What could be the reason? Is there any way to prevent...

How can I help my daughter recover from accident trauma?

My daughter survived a fatal road accident one year ago where two of her friends died. Ever since the accident, my daughter is in a state of shock and panics even at the slightest...

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