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How does cupping therapy work?

I'm a swimmer, and I saw that Michael Phelps was doing this. Do you think that it could help me keep my mind focused?

What are the different ways of filling in the oral cavity?

I have a few cavities in my mouth that my dentists wants to fill all in one session. Would I need anesthesia for this?

Do I need to have my wisdom teeth removed?

All of my wisdom teeth came in, and they're all kind of painful (the pain is really on and off). Do I really need to have them removed? What happens if I don't have them removed?...

Is TMJ genetic?

I've had TMJ for as long as I can remember, and haven't yet gotten it treated (I really just learned how to deal with it). Is there a chance that my daughter can have this disorder...

Is a MRI scan possible for the abdomen?

I have a lot of pain in my abdomen and the ultrasound is unable to detect any abnormality. Should I do a MRI scan?

Can a tumor be detected in an X-ray?

Is it possible to detect a tumor in an X-ray?

Is root canal the only way to treat a tooth cavity?

I have a bad cavity in my tooth, and the dentist told me that I needed to have a root canal to treat it. Is it the only way? What determines that a root canal should be treated...

How are bunions removed?

I noticed that I have a bunion by my big toe and it's causing me a lot of pain. I tried changing shoes and pain medications, but none of it works. How can I get them removed?...

How do I care for my dental implants?

I recently got dental implants done. Is there anything that I should keep in mind while taking care of them?

How are crossbites treated?

I have a problem with crossbites, and it's really bothering me. How is this usually treated? And if I don't get it treated, could I experience any complications?

How long will my son take to recover from an abdominal surgery?

My son needed to have an appendectomy just last week and is now in recovery. The surgery was very successful, but approximately, how long would his recovery be?

My mother seems to be obsessed with her health. Is this abnormal

My mother believes something is totally wrong with her and I am unable to figure out what it is. Could it be a psychiatric problem?

Why are my eyes watering so much?

My eyes have been constantly watering since I got some debris in them the other day during a very windy day. Should I see a doctor to find out what's going on?

What should I do to prevent my feet from hurting in the snow?

During the snow, I end up walking long distances. What can I do to prevent my feet from hurting?

Does a hair transplant hurt?

I want to have a hair transplant for my baldness, but this procedure usually hurt? And will it hurt me after I have the transplant?

What could be the reason my mother is just not eating?

Ever since my father passed away, my mother has been feeling very low and hasn't been eating much since his death. Could this be depression?

I find my breasts becoming very heavy before my period. Is it normal?

Every time before my periods I find my breasts becoming very heavy. Is this normal?

Why is there a foul smell in my white discharge?

I have been noticing that my white discharge has a very foul smell. Why could this be happening?

Can my braces ever rust?

Braces are made of steel and I am wondering if they can ever start rusting?

Would you recommend an acupuncture treatment for treating a hyperactive thyroid?

I have a hyperactive thyroid problem. Would you recommend an acupuncture treatment for it?

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