20 Natural Home Remedies for Itchy Nipples

Nipples can get itchy for various reasons. Dryness and infection of the nipples are two most common reasons for itchy nipples. Cracked and itchy nipples are also experienced by mothers who breastfeed. Discover 20 natural home remedies for itchy nipples in this article.

White Colored Round 512 Pill

512 Pill

The 512 pill is a white-colored round pill with an imprint of "512". It is known to contain the active ingredients acetaminophen with the strength of 325 mg and oxycodone with the strength of 5 mg. This medicine is supplied by the company known as Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals.

What is Taurine and what are its benefits?

What is Taurine and what are its benefits?

Taurine all by itself would not lead to weight loss, but it can surely help in controlling weight in certain ways. Taurine helps to reduce the oxidative stress, increases the fat metabolism and reduces the stress which is often in our lives, thereby leading to calming the mind and helping in losing the weight.

What are White 377 Pill With Imprint?

377 Pill

The 377 pill is an elliptical or oval-shaped, white-colored tablet with an imprint of "377". It has been identified to contain tramadol hydrochloride in the strength of 50 mg. This tablet is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Lymphoma: The Importance of Communication

Lymphoma: The Importance of Communication

When people are diagnosed with chronic conditions such as lymphoma, communication can truly be tested. The whirlwind of emotions that someone may be feeling as a result of diagnosis can influence how and what they want to communicate to those around them.