Famous 'Alien' Scene Was Inspired by Crohn's

Inflammatory bowel disease is not a well-represented condition in film and movie industry. However, one of the most horrifying scenes known to the science fiction film community is a scene from the movie Alien.

Bret Michaels Rocks Diabetes: An Update on his Health

Bret Michaels isn't just known as Poison's leading man and for his work on reality TV. He is also known for his constant battle with diabetes and working tirelessly to support his charity, Life Rocks Foundation, for kids with diabetes.

Orange Poop: A Sign of Celiac Disease?

When these parents noticed their child had non-stop diarrhea, they immediately blamed the day-care. But, then they saw that their child had orange fatty poop, also known as a condition called steatorrhea. Keep reading to learn how orange poop may be a sign of celiac disease.

"There is a Bridge": A Documentary About the Importance of Human Connections with Alzheimer's

"There is a Bridge" by the Memory Bridge is not only a groundbreaking documentary about Alzheimer's disease, but it also helps people to understand the importance of humanity and further understand those who are terminally ill. Read on to learn more about this heartwarming documentary that both patients and caregivers would benefit from.

How Autism Stigma Almost Killed a Young Boy

A young boy was in dire need of a transplant, but hospitals refused him due to his autism. After fighting the odds and getting the procedure, surviving, and thriving, he has started a conversation about preventing medical bias.