What Can Cause A Sore Tongue?

The tongue can become sore when you accidentally bite your tongue. However, serious medical conditions such as oral cancer can also be indicated by a sore throat. To determine an accurate diagnosis, you must seek medical condition.

A Life with Celiac Disease and What it Means for Patients

A Life With Celiac Disease and What It Means for Patients

The only way to really live with celiac disease is to adopt a completely new lifestyle that involves the food that’s consumed as well as the level of preparation involved in not only going out to eat, but also daily life in general. View this slideshow to learn more.

Aldosterone Function

Aldosterone is an important hormone, but too much or too little of this hormone can cause abnormalities and certain disorders. The main function of the hormone aldosterone is to retain the minerals in the kidney from the blood.

I had COVID-19, now what?

After recovering from a disease, your immune system has developed antibodies that can protect you from the same infection. With that being said, you are supposed to be immune for months. However, this is a new virus and medical experts are seeing people being reinfected.

Are You Dehydrated?

Everyone knows that your body needs water to function properly, yet many of us are dehydrated. What most people don’t realize is how much water they actually need. Being dehydrated is your body’s reaction to not drinking enough water, resulting in a fluid deficiency.