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Health Journeys is a digital health community that allows you to share your health story and connect with like-minded people who are experiencing the same challenges.

Most people don’t understand what it’s like to live with an illness, especially ones that are invisible. Starting a blog is a great way to express yourself, raise awareness and inspire others who are looking for hope.

Write about what matters to you

Whether you are dealing with a new diagnosis, the challenges of being a caretaker, or just simply want to spread the word on achieving a healthy lifestyle, Health Journeys is a place to do just that. Write about what’s important to you- using your blog as an outlet to share your latest research, concerns, successes and frustrations.

Your writings beautifully published with ease (personal editor)

Each one of our writers is assigned their own personal editor-so don’t worry about grammar, punctuation or sounding fancy. Our editorial team will add images and polish your article before publication. Don’t hold back, this is your moment.

Reach the greater health community

Your blog posts will be shared with our online health communities of active readers who are looking to read stories from writers just like you. Help others know that they are not alone by sharing your experiences.

Gain loyal readers who follow your Health Journey

Build an online audience of people who follow your blog. Readers can sign up through email to receive notifications each time you make a new post. The more you write, the more your readership will grow.

Exposure on social media

Easily share your story with family and friends by connecting your Health Journey to social media. It’s not easy for the people around us to understand what’s going on inside our bodies; physically or mentally. Use your blog as an opportunity to help others better understand your struggles.

Be rewarded for your writing contributions with prizes, contests and recognition within the Health Journey community and across the web.

Blog Contests

Write, share, and win! We frequently host contests where you can win awesome prizes for growing your readership and reaching new milestones.

Progress Reports

Keep track of your progress with monthly analytics; showing how many people read, followed and liked your posts.

Create Your Profile

Introduce yourself to readers by telling them a little bit about yourself. Add a profile picture, a short bio and information on any diagnosis, treatments or health topics you will be writing about. Your writer’s profile will be featured with all of your posts so readers can get to know you.

Write articles

In your own words, you will share everyday moments, major milestones, successes, setbacks, and things you have learned which can be helpful others. This is your place to express yourself and encourage people who are experiencing the same things.

Inspire others

Your story and first-hand experiences can positively impact others. Use your Health Journey as an opportunity to express yourself and connect with others who are navigating through a similar experience.

No one knows fibromyalgia like we do. Health Journeys gives me a place to share what I have learned with other people who are looking for answers. Helping others makes me feel that this pain can serve a purpose.

-Jolene, NY

As a new mom recently diagnosed, Health Journeys has been a place where I write about juggling everyday life while managing a chronic illness. I am doing this for all my fellow fibro mommies!

-Erica, WA

The Health Journey platform is super easy to use and has allowed me to build a huge audience of readers who follow my blog. It is also great for my family and friends to be able to read my stories so they can better understand what I go through.

-Ryan, OH

Yes, I want to inspire others with my Health Journey

Questions about Health Journeys? Read our FAQs.