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Dr. John R Mellett DMD, Endodontist

Dr. John R Mellett DMD

Endodontist | Endodontics

101 Emerson Avenue Pittsburgh PA, 15215


Dr. John Mellett is an endodonist practicing in Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Mellett is a specialist dentist, focusing on tooth pain, root canals and other issues related to the interior part of the tooth. Endodonists can diagnose problems and perform procedures to fix them. Treatment from an endodonist can often save a diseased tooth. Root canal treatment is one of the most common procedures performed by an endodonist.

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Dr. John Mellett, DMD

101 Emerson Avenue -
Pittsburgh, PA 15215
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New patients: 412-782-4944
Fax: 412-781-4595, 412-782-6277

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