Dr. Bhoja R. Katipally, MD, Preventative Medicine Specialist
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Dr. Bhoja R. Katipally, MD

Lifestyle Medicine

4372 North Loop 1604 West Suite #211 SAN ANTONIO Texas, 78249


Dr. Katipally, is a passionate physician, a strong patient advocate. He is the founder and medical director for New ME Health Center for Lifestyle Medicine.


He is a practicing physician certified by both American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) and American Board of Lifestyle Medicine (ABLM). After practicing the traditional medicine for over 15 years and serving as the medical director for various busy service-lines in the academic and university health/corporate systems – he pivoted his personal journey, career path and practice toward plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine.


After his ABLM certification followed by the certification in Plant-based Nutrition program by Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell Univ. (eCornell), Dr. Katipally founded the New ME Health Center - his dream comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine Center to help his patients prevent, manage, arrest and even potentially reverse their obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic lifestyle related conditions through Intensive Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (iTLC).

Education and Training

MBBS at Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences

MPH at Northern Illinois University

UTHSCSA Family & Community Medicine 2009

Provider Details


Areas of expertise and specialization

Associate Medical DirectorFamily PracticeLifestyle MedicineMetabolic DiseasesLifestyle Related DiseasesDisease Reversal

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • Adjunct Asst. Clinical Prof. UH Health, San Antonio, TX 2009 - Present
  • Attending Physician Univ. Health, San Antonio, TX 2009 - Present

Professional Memberships

  • American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM)  
  • American Association of Family Physicians (AAFP)  
  • American Medical Association (AMA)  
  • Texas Medical Association (TMA)  
  • Bexar County Medical Society (BCMS)  

Professional Society Memberships

  • American Medical Association

Dr. Bhoja R. Katipally, MD's Practice location

New ME Health Center, PLLC

4372 North Loop 1604 West Suite #211 -
SAN ANTONIO, Texas 78249
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