Dr. Alfonso Chie, Chiropractor (Pediatric)
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Dr. Alfonso Chie

Chiropractor (Pediatric) | Pediatric Chiropractor

18249 Pines Blvd Pembroke Pines FL, 33029


Pembroke Pines Chiropractor, Dr. Alfonso Chie, his wife Dianna Chie, and the Revive team are on a mission to restore the health of our community through Specific, Scientific, Neurologically-based, Chiropractic care. Our goal is to deliver a natural, drug-free answer to common health issues that plague our Pembroke Pines community.

Education and Training

Sherman College of Chiropracti DC 2017

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Male English, Spanish
Dr. Alfonso Chie
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  • $29 New Patient Special

    Hey Pembroke Pines! I’m Dr. Alfonso Chie and I’m booking new patient appointments this month to promote our clinic for a Complete Chiropractic Health Screening (consultation, exam & x-rays) for $29! We have 125+ 5 star online reviews!What Is Chiropractic?A system of care focused on adjusting...

  • Are neck pillows good for neck pain?

    There are some great pillows out there that will definitely help properly support your neck while you sleep but you can also see a local chiropractor to make sure the problem isn't more than just a need to change your pillow! READ MORE

  • Should I sleep without a pillow if my neck hurts?

    You can try to sleep without a pillow and see if that improves the discomfort. A local chiropractor can take some XRays and do some specialized exams to see what's going on with your neck to see if a pillow change is the solution. READ MORE

  • What is the gun that chiropractors use?

    There are various instruments that chiropractors use for adjustments. Activators, Integrators, Arthrostim, etc. They all assist in adjusting and have their individual benefits! READ MORE

  • What is the best exercise for shoulder pain?

    There are many different exercises for shoulder pain, it just depends on the location of the pain and what causes it. If you look up "broomstick stretches" you'll find some great ones you can do from home but your best bet is getting checked out by a local doc first! READ MORE

  • How many chiropractic sessions do I need for neck pain?

    Every spine is different, every chiropractic technique is also different - it just depends on how well you respond to the adjustments. A local doctor can you check you out and give you their best recommendations! READ MORE

  • How do you release tension in your neck and shoulders?

    Chiropractic adjustments work great to release tension and reduce stiffness in the neck and shoulders. A local doc can also recommend some stretches and exercises for you to do at home! READ MORE

  • Does lying on the floor straighten your back?

    Your spine has several different curves with very important purposes, laying on the floor won't necessarily straighten your spine and can actually cause damage to the spine if done for long periods of time in improper positions. READ MORE

  • How can I realign my lower back at home?

    While you can't realign your own spine from home, there are many tools and exercises we can provide specific to your needs for you to do in conjunction with Chiropractic care to be able to not only feel better but also function better! READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Pediatric Chiropractic CareWebster Certified for Prenatal ChiropracticAdvanced Certified in Torque Release Technique

Professional Memberships

  • ICPA  

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18249 Pines Blvd -
Pembroke Pines, FL 33029
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