Becky Kuehn, LME, COS, Health and Wellness Coach
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Becky Kuehn, LME, COS

Oncology-Trained Esthetician

Accepts Virtual Clients Tacoma WA, 98422


Becky Kuehn, a Master Esthetician and Cosmetologist with a focus in oncology, hails from Tacoma, WA, where she also serves as an educator. Specializing in addressing the skin, hair, and nail side-effects associated with cancer, Becky extends her expertise nationwide and internationally. Her mission involves instructing spa and medical professionals on integrating personalized spa services to enhance patient safety, aid recovery, and provide comfort.

Typically engaging with patients post-diagnosis, Kuehn accompanies them throughout their treatment journey, offering support as needed. She remains dedicated to assisting individuals until the completion of their treatment, guiding them through recovery and helping them reintegrate into their daily lives and overall well-being.

Although her current database includes around 7000 graduates, she requires additional support to achieve her objective of ensuring the presence of oncology-trained spa professionals in every cancer center across the United States.

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Becky Kuehn, LME, COS
Becky Kuehn, LME, COS's Expert Contributions
  • How are patients managed in hospice care?

    Great question, and you will need to ask the hospice team where your grandfather is. Each one does things differently. READ MORE

  • Is hospice care at home?

    Hello, Sometimes it is, and sometimes it is at a facility. Your friends medical staff/team can tell you what they offer. READ MORE

  • Will palliative care help my grandfather?

    Palliative care is specialized comfort care. Check with his medical team about the process. READ MORE

  • Is palliative care temporary?

    Great question! Palliative care is comfort care. But, I would direct this question to your grandfather's doctor. Each center is different, and they will be able to tell you specifically what the process will be for him. All the best to your grandfather, you and your family. Becky READ MORE

  • My mother has been hallucinating. Is it due to her medication?

    Hello, That is a great question for you to ask her physician. You can also GOOGLE the medication and find out what the common side-effects are. (I work on the integrative side, not with medications.) All the best, READ MORE

  • What types of treatments are done in hospice?

    Hello, That is a great question, but you will need to ask the hospice facility where he is. Each one offers different services/treatments. All the best, READ MORE

  • What treatments are available for the elderly?

    Hello, I would suggest you ask the hospital staff, as each hospice and hospital will have different treatments available. READ MORE

  • Is hospice care in the hospital?

    Hello, There are many options for hospice. It can be in the hospital, a hospice home/center or in the patient's home. READ MORE

  • Is hospice care effective?

    Hello, Hospice care is a type of specialized medical care that focuses on providing support, comfort, and symptom management. The primary goal of hospice care is to enhance the quality of life for patients and their families by addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Becky READ MORE

  • How do you help with pain in the hospice?

    Hello, Thank you for your question. I am on the integrative side of cancer and am not a doctor, so I would help by giving comfort, massage, non-drug related topical products (MNI relief cream) and support. I would tell your oncologist about the pain you are experiencing, and he/she will advise based on your health history. *Becky* READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Focusing on providing specialized care for oncology clients to alleviate the side effects induced by medications and stress. Enhancing the quality of life for individuals facing cancer.Oncology EstheticsCosmetologist and wig fitterOncology Esthetics - focus on skin health and barrier repair

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • Founder Oncology Spa Solutions 2013 -


  • Marquis Who's Who in America 2023 2023 Marquis Who's Who 
  • Esthetic Angel 2018 Dermascope Magazine 
  • Dermascope Magazine’s 2018 Esthetic Angel Year  

Professional Memberships

  • S4OE (Society For Oncology Esthetics 2024), NCEA (National Coalition of Estheticians Association), Holistic Cancer Coach, Hope Coach, ASCP (Associated Skin Care Professionals)  

Charities and Philanthropic Endeavors

  • Nancy's List, The Cancer Journey Institute, Hope & Beauty, Waterford Cancer Resource Center, The Bird House Hospice


  • Safe and personalized spa services with a focus on skin health and barrie repaiar.


  • N/A


  • N/A

Professional Society Memberships

  • NCEA (National Coalition of Estheticians Association) , S4OE (Society for Oncology Esthetics), ASCP (Associated Skin Care Professionals)

Professional Affiliations

  • S4OE (Society for Oncology Esthetics)

Articles and Publications

  • N/A

What do you attribute your success to?

  • My passion and drive to learn all I can about the skin, so I can help others in their time of need.

Areas of research

  • All things related to skin, cancer, cancer treatments, and medically reactive skin conditions.


  • N/A

Philanthropic Initiatives

  • I support many non-profits serving cancer patients in the US with samples, products, and financial donations.

Teaching and speaking

  • I teach and speak all over the US and have also presented in Canada, the Caribbean and the Caymen Islands.

Favorite Place to Vacation

  • Anywhere I haven't been before!

Hobbies / Sports

  • Walking, pickle ball

Favorite professional publications

  • Skin Deep, Skin Inc, Dermascope

Areas of research

Oncology Esthetics

Cancer treatment skin related side-effecrs

Oncology related hair loss

Oncology Nail care


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Media Releases

Get to know Becky Kuehn, who serves patients virtually throughout the US. 

Becky Kuehn, a Licensed Master Esthetician, Cosmetologist and cancer coach with a specialty in Oncology Esthetics.  She founded Oncology Spa Solutions in 2013 and teaches in the US and beyond. She was influential in creating more than 46 locations across the United States, staffed by oncology-trained estheticians who offer specialized skincare and wig services to cancer patients. 

                                                           Drawing from her own experience as a cancer survivor, Kuehn specializes in addressing the skin, hair, nail and quality of life side-effects associated with cancer, extending her expertise both nationwide and internationally. Her mission revolves around educating spa and medical professionals on integrating personalized skincare and spa services to enhance patient safety, aid recovery, and provide comfort.

“​I love to share with each class the life lessons I’ve learned throughout my personal cancer experience, and everything I’ve learned from the many patients whose lives have touched mine so deeply. We have the opportunity to use the talents, gifts and skills we have as Oncology-trained spa professionals to care for those facing cancer.”

Invariably connecting with patients following a diagnosis, Kuehn stands by them throughout their treatment path, providing necessary support. Her commitment extends to aiding individuals until the conclusion of their treatment, guiding them through recovery, and facilitating their reintegration into daily life for overall well-being.

Although her current database includes over 7000 graduates, Kuehn is looking for additional support to achieve her goal of ensuring the presence of an oncology-trained spa professional in every cancer center.

“I harbor a deep passion for patient care and the incredible impact that oncology-trained estheticians can have in aiding and supporting the healing journey. This transformation is not only profound for the patient but also for the caregiver trained in Oncology Esthetics. My objective is to consistently engage in ongoing learning and contribute to training as the industry evolves. I aspire to equip my students and graduates with the most current and up-to-date information, ensuring they become valued and beneficial contributors to the circle of patient care.”

As a professional, Kuehn is affiliated with several esteemed memberships, including the Society for Oncology Esthetics (S4OE), the National Coalition of Estheticians Association (NCEA), and the Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP). Additionally, she holds roles as a Holistic Cancer Coach Certification with Beat Cancer, and is Hope Coach Certified, reflecting her commitment to providing comprehensive and supportive services in the field of oncology esthetics. 

Oncology Esthetics, a specialized field within esthetics, focuses on preventing and mitigating the side effects associated with cancer, stress, medications, and cancer treatments. In 2019, Kuehn was invited to contribute to the Milady Esthetics Basic training manual, recognizing Oncology Esthetics as an emerging and essential modality in the field. Before this recognition, working with cancer patients was considered a contraindication. Presently, all esthetics students are educated that they now have the capability to safely work with oncology clients, provided they undergo additional continuing education and certification. 

Attributing her success to her passion and drive to help others, Kuehn earned recognition in Marquis Who’s Who in America 2023 and Dermascope Magazine’s 2018 Esthetic Angel. 

She extends her philanthropic endeavors by supporting various organizations, including Nancy’s List, The Cancer Journey Institute, Hello Gorgeous, Hope & Beauty, Waterford Cancer Resource Center, among others. Her support involves providing assistance through both product samples and financial contributions. Additionally, Kuehn is actively engaged in teaching and speaking engagements, covering regions across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands, including Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, and The Cayman Islands.

In her private life, she discovers happiness in spending quality time with her family, and delights in activities such as walking with her dog and playing pickleball. Traveling holds a special place in her heart, especially when accompanied by her family and her husband of 46 years. To stay abreast of developments in her field, she avidly reads about cancer and explores professional publications such as Skin Deep, Skin Inc., and Dermascope.

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