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Carol Bowen-Wells, MD, CWSP, Surgeon
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Carol Bowen-Wells, MD, CWSP


6420 San Juan Avenue Jacksonville FL, 32210


Dr. Carol Bowen-Wells is a general surgeon practicing in Jacksonville, FL. In order to provide her patients with the best care, she utilizes both surgical and non-surgical techniques. Additionally, she motivates and encourages her patients while they are in treatment, especially since they are usually referred to her after receiving many failed treatments. Furthermore, she specializes in treating diabetic foot ulcers, venous ulcers, chronic, acute, non-healing surgical wounds, and pressure ulcers/injuries. Practicing in Florida since 2009, Dr. Bowen-Wells is board-certified in wound care and general surgery, and is also fellowship-trained and certified in surgical oncology.

Education and Training

Northwestern University in Chicago Illinois MD 0

University of Virginia General Surgery Residency 2005

University of Miami Surgical Oncology Fellowship 2007

Board Certification

Board Certified in General Surgery

American Board of Wound Management

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Professional Society Memberships

  • Northeast Florida Medical Society, Association for the Advancement of Wound Care

What do you attribute your success to?

  • Her belief in God, her hard work, always treating her patients like family, and making sure to go the extra step to help her patients.

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Wells Surgical Services

6420 San Juan Avenue -
Jacksonville, FL 32210
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