Dr. Simi Rayna Silver, Sleep Medicine Specialist (Pediatric)
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Dr. Simi Rayna Silver

Dentist | General Practice

510 Richardson Ave Ottawa ON, ON K2B 5H1


Dr. Simi Silver is a Sleep Medicine Dentist practicing in Ottawa, ON. For over a quarter century, Dr. Silver has improved children's breathing and prevented crowded teeth with interceptive and functional orthodontics. She offers infant, youth and adult evaluation for management of mouth breathing, grinding and snoring; nursing and speech problems; crowded teeth and jaw development. After your consultation for sleep, airway, breathing or orofacial pain, Dr.Silver will help you understand your situation and all your recommended treatment options. Dr.Silver may also refer you or your child to CHEO, physiotherapy, or other health care providers.

DrSilver offers tongue tie release, palatal expansion appliances, oral appliances for sleep apnea, invisalign or clear aligners; and for the little ones, myotrainers including Myomunchee, HealthyStart and Vivos. Dr.Silver also offers myofunctional therapy, Botox, trigger point injections and prolotherapy.

Been told you need a nightguard? See DrSilver to find out why you are grinding.

Pregnant and started snoring? Get rescued by Dr.Silver to sleep better and reduce the risks to your baby!

Post menopausal and getting headaches or insomnia? Dr.Silver can help!

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Education and Training

University of Toronto DDS 1996

Centennial College Diploma of Biotechnology 1991

Provider Details

Female French, Hebrew
Dr. Simi Rayna Silver
Dr. Simi Rayna Silver's Expert Contributions
  • Can Obstructive Sleep Apnea Be Prevented?

    Abnormal growth patterns can be triggered by something as simple as a tooth that erupts in an abnormal sequence, locks a jaw into an abnormal position, and creates a crossbite. Failure to intercept and correct those problems and the result can lead to facial asymmetry, TMJ issues, and, worst of all,...

  • Is anesthesia for a root canal safe?

    Interesting question. Lets assume that you are referring to local anesthetic. As long as you have no allergies or other contraindications, local anaesthetic is very safe when administered in the correct doses. Your BreatheSleepDoc, Simi Silver, DDS www.silverdentalcentre.com www.TMJSleepCentre.ca READ MORE

  • How long will my partials last?

    Excellent question. If you keep your partials clean, and our careful with them and If they are metal, they should last a good long time like 15 years. Of course if you lose more teeth, you may need to adjust them or get a new set. If they are wholly acrylic they may not last as long. Acrylic can chip or crack. Your BreatheSleepDoc, Simi Silver, DDS www.silverdentalcentre.com www.TMJSleepCentre.ca READ MORE

  • How long is recovery after a root canal?

    Good question! Most of the time there is no recovery needed. However if you are a grinder or clencher you may feel ongoing pain for up to a year! Take Tylenol or Advil or both for pain. Get a sleep study if you grind because it may be that you have sleep apnea Your BreatheSleepDoc, Simi Silver, DDS www.silverdentalcentre.com www.TMJSleepCentre.ca READ MORE

  • Is my life potentially at stake?

    Congratulate yourself. Youve started to take your life in a good direction. I understand abuse too well. Is there no hospital that doesnt charge? Im in Canada so Im not familiar with your system. If there is a dental or hygiene school near you check if they offer free care. Please get help soon. Your BreatheSleepDoc, Simi Silver, DDS www.silverdentalcentre.com www.TMJSleepCentre.ca READ MORE

  • What type of dental implant is the best for front tooth?

    The best implant for any site in a mouth does not exist. Your dental surgeon will advise you. Ask them why they prefer that implant. Explanations can help you to understand their thought process. You need to trust that your dentist will choose the best implant for your situation. It depends on how much bone you have for the implant to be anchored in, what kind of bone, how the angle of the implant will align with the crown of the tooth and many more concerns! Best, Simi Silver, DDS D.ABDSM READ MORE

  • How to clean teeth after a root canal?

    Root canal treatment should not affect the way you clean your teeth. I always recommend an electric brush and floss! Use toothpaste with fluoride and make sure to address the gumline gently. Do not scrub! I hope this helps ? READ MORE

  • Can I use mouthwash with zirconia crowns?

    Absolutely Your BreatheSleepDoc, Simi Silver, DDS www.silverdentalcentre.com www.TMJSleepCentre.ca READ MORE

  • Can a dental implant last a lifetime?

    Dental implants are meant to last a lifetime, but just like our teeth we need to take care of them. Keep them clean have a healthy diet and see your dentist regularly. Your BreatheSleepDoc, Simi Silver, DDS www.silverdentalcentre.com www.TMJSleepCentre.ca READ MORE

  • How can I fix jaw pain from dentures?

    Thats an interesting question. In general, dentures should not be causing any pain. Your dentist can adjust any sore spots. Think of dentures like any prosthesis. It is replacing missing body parts. It should be functioning in harmony with the orofacial complex, and there should be no pain resulting. Perhaps your dentures are very old and you need to get a new set. Perhaps your dentures are brand new and you need to adjust the bite. Your BreatheSleepDoc, Simi Silver, DDS www.silverdentalcentre.com www.TMJSleepCentre.ca READ MORE

  • What can I do to fix gingivitis?

    Excellent question. Usually the best advice I give people is to get an electric brush and take your time brushing at the gumline. Use a method that avoid missing any areas. You may also be a mouth breather, and the dry air will cause your gums to be quite inflamed. If you are a mouth breather, you should come see me because we should not be breathing through our mouth. Dry mouth issues will also contribute to gum problems and you should be using a salivary substitute. I hope that helps! Your BreatheSleepDoc, Simi Silver, DDS www.silverdentalcentre.com www.TMJSleepCentre.ca READ MORE

  • Can a tooth with a root canal hurt?

    Definitely. Thats my short answer. I hope you are out of pain by now but if you grind can take at least a year to settle down. And if you grind, you should see me because you might have problems with your sleep and breathing. Your BreatheSleepDoc, Simi Silver, DDS www.silverdentalcentre.com www.TMJSleepCentre.ca READ MORE

  • Is Invisalign good for sensitive teeth?

    Clear Aligners may result in sensitivity as the teeth move. You must address the source of the sensitivity to answer this concern. READ MORE

  • Any idea what this bump is and what it could be from

    if that is at the back of your throat it may just be your lingual tonsils. Noone will diagnose from a photo. READ MORE

  • How can I close gaps between teeth?

    I cannot answer for you personally. If your teeth have moved due to gum disease then you need to stabilize the disease process first. Any clear aligner system can close gaps after the foundation is stable. Many other appliances and also regular braces can close gaps. READ MORE

  • What foods stain Invisalign attachments?

    Pretty much whatever has a deep colour to it like red wine, blueberries, yellow curry powder, tea and coffee. Use whitening gel in your trays on occasion and a whitening toothpaste! READ MORE

  • Can dentures cause jaw pain?

    The short answer is yes! However, that does not mean that is the reason you are experiencing jaw pain. I would highly recommend you undergo a comprehensive evaluation by a dentist, who has focussed their practice on TMJ and oral facial pain Your BreatheSleepDoc, Simi Silver, DDS www.silverdentalcentre.com www.TMJSleepCentre.ca READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Sleep Dental MedicinePediatric Jaw Growth and BreathingTongue tie releaseBotoxTrigger point injectionsPalate ExpandersOral Appliances

Professional Memberships

  • American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine  
  • Ontario Dental Association  

Charities and Philanthropic Endeavors

  • Youth Services Bureau


  • Laser tongue tie release

Professional Affiliations

  • Ontario Dental Association

What do you attribute your success to?

  • I am passionate about people and their health.

Teaching and speaking

  • I am teaching clinicians how to screen for sleep, airway and breathing issues

Favorite Place to Vacation

  • anywhere in nature

Hobbies / Sports

  • I have Ehlers Danlos but i love dancing, biking and swimming when I can! You can also find me on youtube in a few musicals!

Dr. Simi Rayna Silver's Practice location

510 Richardson Ave -
Ottawa, ON ON K2B 5H1
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