Natalie Brewton, PsyD, Psychologist
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Natalie Brewton, PsyD

Psychologist | Clinical

9 Gorham Pl Durham NC, 27705


Dr. Natalie Brewton is a trained clinical psychologist practicing Nationwide as a life coach, relationship and parenting coach, and therapist. She is a visionary in the realm of mental health, holistic wellness, and personal growth. With a unique blend of expertise drawn from various disciplines, she stands as a beacon of innovation in the field of life coaching.

Dr. Brewton is not your typical life coach and mental health professional. Instead, she serves as a catalyst for profound transformation, guiding her clients through the intricate layers of human experience to unlock their true potential. What sets her apart is her interdisciplinary approach, integrating insights from clinical psychology, leadership and empowerment, biology and knowledge of the body systems, neuropsychology, nutrition and fitness, and biological anthropology.

Drawing upon this rich tapestry of knowledge and advanced training, Dr. Brewton delves deep into understanding her clients' challenges and limitations. By addressing the root causes of their struggles, she empowers them to break free from self-imposed barriers and embrace a life of purpose and fulfillment. Her holistic methodology transcends conventional coaching techniques, offering a comprehensive toolkit for personal growth, career advancement, and self-mastery.

At the core of Dr. Brewton's philosophy is the belief that each individual possesses innate strengths waiting to be unleashed and is the path to improving people's sense of their own self-efficacy and worth. Through a process of introspection and guidance, she helps her clients uncover these hidden talents and align their lives with their true calling. Whether it's overcoming mental blocks, cultivating resilience, or fostering authentic connections, Dr. Brewton provides unwavering support every step of the way.

But Dr. Brewton's impact extends far beyond the realm of personal development. As an innovator in her field, she is committed to driving positive change on a global scale. Through speaking engagements, workshops, and community outreach programs and nonprofit work, she shares her wisdom and inspires others to embark on their own transformative journeys.

Are you ready to rewrite the script of your life and embrace a future filled with purpose and passion? Join Dr. Brewton on a transformative journey of self-discovery, and unlock the limitless potential that resides within you.

Education and Training

Florida State University BS Psychology and Biology 2004

Florida School of Prof. Psych. MA Clinical Psychology 2015

John F. Kennedy University Doctor of Clinical Psychology 2021

Provider Details

Female English

Areas of expertise and specialization

Autism Spectrum DisordersNeurodegenerative DisordersLeadership TrainingNeurodevelopmental DisordersMood DisordersCommunication and Intimacy WorkCareer DevelopmentGottman Certified Relationship WorkSelf-Confidence and Self-Empowerment

Areas of research

Autism Spectrum Disorders, Neurodegenerative Disorders, MS

Natalie Brewton, PsyD's Practice location

Therapeutic Life Coaching LLC

9 Gorham Pl -
Durham, NC 27705
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