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Celebrities Affected by Fibromyalgia

Celebrities Affected by Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is the most common pain condition in the United States, and estimates claim that more than five million people suffer from this condition. This high number of people affected by fibromyalgia also includes those with celebrity status.

Fibromyalgia does not care whether or not a person is a celebrity or just someone trying to live and maintain a healthy life. Fibromyalgia is a disorder with symptoms of widespread musculoskeletal pain with the additional signs of fatigue, sleep problems, mood and memory issues. Studies have shown that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations, so even a small touch on the skin can be painful. 

The medical community considers fibromyalgia as a rheumatic disease like arthritis. It impairs joints and the soft fibrous tissues in your body like ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Fibromyalgia, however, is not a real form of arthritis. It doesn’t cause damage to muscles and joints, just intense pain.

Celebrities with fibromyalgia. You are not alone.

Celebrities with fibromyalgia are coming forward to help their fans and the public know about the disease. These celebrities have done their best to advocate for patients and educate people without the disease. 

Morgan Freeman

You would never know by watching his many roles in blockbusters that Freeman has fibromyalgia. He is a spokesperson for the disease and gives hope and encouragement to fellow fibromyalgia sufferers. Freeman was in a car accident that paralyzed his left hand and caused nerve damage. Freeman describes the pain in his arm as excruciating.

Susan Flannery

Flannery was Stephanie Forrester on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. In 2007, Flannery took medical leave to deal with fibromyalgia symptoms. Today she still struggles with the symptoms and lives day by day.

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale’s was the pioneer of modern nursing. In the 1800s Nightingale suffered the symptoms of FMS and chronic fatigue, but she had no idea that her condition had a name. There was no diagnosis for fibromyalgia in the 1800s, even when there were cases of it recorded.

Frances Winfield Bremer 

Bremer was wife to Ambassador L. Paul Bremer, III, the former administrator to Iraq. Bremer is also an author. Bremer and her husband are outspoken advocates for fibromyalgia. In 2007 she was assigned the honor of being the spokeswoman for the National Fibromyalgia Association.

Photo Source: Morgan-Freeman by Fly ABS