Bo Burnham

Comedian Bo Burnham has been dealing with depression and anxiety throughout his young adulthood. His anxiety significantly interfered with his stand-up career, and he suffered multiple panic attacks while performing onstage.

Burnham recalls feeling as though he was floating outside of his own body during performances. Severe anxiety can cause dissociative episodes and depersonalization, a temporary state of feeling detached from reality or detached from oneself.

As a teen, Burnham endured relentless stomach ailments as a consequence of his anxiety. He was even hospitalized for stomach problems. There is a known link between gastrointestinal issues and anxiety, depression, and stress.

Despite this hardship, Burnham’s career has skyrocketed. His recent film, “Eighth Grade,” explores the effects of social media on modern children and teens. Burnham has stated that his own experiences living with anxiety inspired him to make the film.

Photo source: Heather Martino/Montclair Film