Diet and Nutrition

A Dietary Guide for People Living With Parkinson's Disease

Extra Tips for Easing Symptoms

As constipation is common among people with Parkinson’s, it is highly encouraged by professionals to drink at least 8 ounces of water every day. For people with low blood pressure as a side effect from the disorder, caffeine and alcohol should be consumed at a minimum since they may cause dehydration and lower blood pressure. For muscle cramps, tonic water, spice turmeric or pickle juice may help alleviate the problem.

Weight loss also occurs in people with Parkinson’s due to difficulties in chewing or swallowing. However, it could also be due to another thing such as food preparation and the eating process. One could add extra cream, honey, or oil to make the food tasty or have a milkshake or malted drink to spice things up while meeting the nutrients that are needed in the diet.

There are really no fixed or hard rules on what to eat for people with Parkinson’s disease. It is important, however, to maintain a healthy style of life as it has been proven to be very beneficial in the long-run.