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Dr. Onyinye C. Onyekwere, MD, MS, FAAP

Hematologist (Pediatric)

Dr. Onyinye Onyekwere is a pediatric hematologist practicing in Washington, DC. Dr. Onyekwere specializes in treating children that have a blood disease or cancer. Such blood diseases include disorders of red blood cells, white blood cells and/or platelets. The types of cancers that Dr. Onyekwere treats include leukemias, lymphomas and certain tumors. Dr. Onyekwere can also treat bleeding disorders in children. Pediatric hematologists can be found in childrens hospitals, community hospitals, university medical centers and more.
Dr. Onyinye C. Onyekwere, MD, MS, FAAP
  • Washington, DC
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Can sickle cell disease be cured?

Yes. Sickle cell disease is a genetic disorder of the red cells of the blood. He needs to be followed by a hematologist.

How are white blood cells reduced?

How high is it? WBC goes up if one has an infectious process. Once the infection is gone, it drops unless something else is going on within his bone marrow.

Platelet disorders run in my family. Should I be worried about my daughter?

Storage platelet pool disorder is a genetic disease, you need to see a hematologist and a genetist

After chemotherapy my daughter's hemoglobin levels are dropping. Why?

Because of the chemotherapy. Talk to her doctors and the social worker working with her doctors.

If my child has a blood transfusion, will it cause any problems for him in the future?

One time blood transfusion should not and all depends on the hospital blood bank.

How can iron deficiency in kids be treated?

Iron deficiency means no or little iron. She should take the iron supplement as directed.

Are there any natural foods that can treat hemophilia?

Not that I know of. Follow your hematologists' recommendations and prescribed drugs.