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Dr. Ram S. Garg, MD


Dr. Ram Garg practices Neuropathology in TAYLOR, MI. Dr. Garg studies, evaluates, diagnoses, and treats conditions that affect the nervous system. Neuropathologists are trained to fully understand and treat such conditions as Alzheimers disease and Parkinsons disease.
Dr. Ram Garg, MD
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Is a nerve conduction test painful?

No. The nerve conduction requires small electric shocks to measure function of the nerves.

What is causing my headache and numbness?

Yes you need to get this checked out

My mother has internal pain in her legs. Is it diabetic neuropathy?

Need to check her, need Ncv and Emg, and need to monitor diabetes.

regarding transmission of disease

No but protection is needed

Pain in the back of the head. What could have caused it?

Need to have a Neuro evaluation. Could be transferred pain.

Should I start my mom on fish oil supplements?

It does prevent ongoing wear and tear

B3 Vitamin

Vitamins stores

Sensitivity to Vibration

You can call a Neurologist and get it checked out

How can I help my son with vertigo?

Need thorough check up