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10 Things That Put People at Risk for Crohn's Disease

10 Things That Put People at Risk for Crohn's Disease

10 Things That Put People at Risk for Crohn's Disease

There are risk factors for every disease, and Crohn’s is no exception. By being aware of your risk you can reduce the likelihood of this disease taking over your life. Also, early detection has been shown to really alter its path and severity. Treatments are more effective when started in the early stages.

There are certain factors which are known to be risks, others with known connections, and still others which are suspected to have something to do with its onset.

Take action where you can

The body is complex and risks vary from person to person. It is good to avoid risks when possible, particularly if you have more than a few which are applicable.

Since many factors may go into contracting Crohn’s disease, giving yourself as small a chance as possible is advisable.

What’s on the horizon?

As far as preventing Crohn’s and healing inflammation in the intestines, new research is being conducted.

The most recent development presented by Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in June, 2017, shows that eating good fats leads to a healthier balance of intestinal flora in Crohn’s disease.

Good, plant based fats, such as coconut oil and cocoa oil have been shown to change microbial gut composition in a way that reduces inflammation. Even small amounts of fat had a positive effect in studies.

Researchers are excited by this discovery, as it potentially provides relief for some patients and opens doors for further clues into what constitutes healthy intestines.