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12 Points to Better Understand Muscular Dystrophy

12. It’s only a curse if you consider it to be one

“Progressive and lethal muscle-wasting disease” isn’t exactly a good thing to hear when you’re a kid who had just started enjoying everything life has to offer. It’s definitely not easy to process such diagnosis at a very tender age, but life doesn’t have to end there. Like most chronic and debilitating diseases, muscular dystrophy usually wins when its patient throws in the towel without a fight. It may have taken something biologically essential for you to function normally and added more humanly limits, but the key to living life to the fullest even with such a disease is working with what you have. Many people living with muscular dystrophy choose to lead normal lives and surround themselves with people who understand them beyond what ails them. The secret is finding out your limits, accepting them, and living within them. At the end of the day, it all boils down to a positive mental attitude.