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15 Household Items That Can Make You Sick

12. Cleaning products

Unfortunately, even the supplies we use to keep our homes clean can make us sick, begging the question, is nothing truly safe?

Harsh chemicals like ammonia, chlorine bleach, neurotoxins, and hydrocarbons in cleaners can affect the body in very serious ways, including nausea and vomiting, skin irritation, coughing, difficulty breathing, burning in the eyes, mouth, lips and esophagus, and even blindness. Worse still, some products that are labeled “nontoxic” or “natural” may actually contain harmful ingredients, because labeling for these products is unregulated.

Small doses of these chemicals aren’t dangerous, but exposure to multiple or large doses over a period of time can severely damage one’s health. To minimize or outright eliminate the risks posed by household cleaners, be sure to read product labels so you know what you’re buying. Research ingredients if you aren’t sure what they are. Finally, keep it simple; let your first line of cleaning defense be baking soda, white vinegar, organic lemons, and essential oils, and only turn to artificial products if these can’t get the job done.